The comedy of Patrick Lamb

Patrick Lamb offers “refreshingly politically incorrect voice”

Today – I’d like to introduce you to Hudson County native Patrick Lamb.

Patrick Lamb Comedian New Jersey NJ

He’s a random video blogger (“vlogger”), and wants to share his videos – which are a combination of cartoons and commentary peppered with political & observational comedy – which Lamb says provides for a “unique and funny experience that local residents would enjoy.”

Patrick grew up in Jersey City (and now lives in “Sopranos Country”) – but still makes regular visits to Hoboken. He loves how technology has changed things up, and became inspired by similar video commentators like The Kid From Brooklyn – and enjoys combining his “PG-rated” visual cartoons with his verbal comedy.

So this is the first video in the Patrick Lamb category on Hoboken411 (love his references about “Ugg Boots.”) Look for a couple updates a month going forward!

More about Patrick Lamb

“I have quite a few memories of “Ho-Baacken” as some people from Hudson would say (probably the influence of the German immigrants).

My neighborhood in JC (Lincoln park) was a place Hobokenites would move to. Chas. Trapp was my neighbor (he’s long gone,but the roofing co. still exists). There were other refugees from Hoboken, but that was when Hoboken was a dump – The PATH station STUNK. That’s how I knew the city turned around, when the Port Authority cleaned it up. I guess its bad for the real estate industry if you’re trying to sell something that smells like the White Castle men’s room.

I spent a lot of time in Hoboken, but because of my schedule I get in once a month to get my haircut, go to La Isla.

But going to Hoboken can be like going to a shore resort with the parking & traffic issues, so it doesn’t have the attraction that it once did.

I do however get a kick when I see some of the old school types interacting with the newer people – the old Hoboken types reminded of the Bowery Boys. I Just realized that I also know the pigeon kid from “on the waterfront” you can’t get more Hoboken than that.”

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