HPU at it once again!

Hoboken Parking Utility blocks hydrant – doesn’t care

The city (desperate for money) continues to deplete residents and visitors of cash that would otherwise be pumped into the local economy. And just like yesterday’s blatant theft by improper summonsesHoboken411 reader David spotted the Hoboken Parking Utility even causing hazardous conditions while they boot more cars:

“Last week I took this picture of our “fair & moral” Parking Authority parked in front of a fire hydrant for 15-minutes (I timed them) on 5th & Willow, while they booted two cars (both of which seemed to fall victim to the awful 4-hour parking rule because they appeared fine otherwise).

I mentioned to the women that perhaps that’s not the best spot to park to which the one woman replied, “we can park wherever we want sir.” I didn’t even bring up the fact that this is on the corner of the busiest park in town and that they are impairing the vision of oncoming traffic – especially with Willow having the right-of-way without a stop sign at the intersection.”

Wonder if another Fox 5 News sting operation in the works?

Hoboken Parking Utility breaks law and blocks hydrant

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