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Thank you for visiting Hoboken411 and finding this informational page!

Here you can learn why choosing to advertise your business or services with Hoboken411 is by far your best choice!

Most local readers = best advertising choice

Back in 2005, the concept of Hoboken411 was created – because there was no single place for the community to gather online – and discuss anything and everything Hoboken.

In the seven years since, Hoboken411 quickly vaulted to the number one spot online. Visitor traffic far supersedes all other competitors (both print and online) COMBINED. So considering the tough economic times we’re enduring – why would you waste your money with out of date conventional advertising? Or websites that have little or no readership? It’s not the packaging that counts – it’s how many potential customers you actually reach!

You might be thinking “Hoboken411 isn’t my only option in Hoboken, what do I do now?”

Wasting money on other hardly-read venues – regardless of how “fancy” the “billboard” – is not a fiscally smart decision. It’s like spending money to put your message in the middle of the desert. Would you do that, even if you thought the “billboard” itself was nice? I wouldn’t think so, but many businesses still get sucked into that trap by pressuring sales people and slick fliers.

Hoboken411 is your best option by far!

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Real content promotes regular visitors

Ask any person on the sidewalk, bus stop or bar if they’ve visited Hoboken411 – and they’ll usually say “Hoboken411? I use that all the time!”

With over 400,000 unique visitors monthly – viewing millions of pages and banners – Hoboken411 reaches customers in and around Hoboken like no other publication can. 411 is updated many times daily and hundreds of times monthly with timely news and relevant stories and business reviews. Fair and balanced comments from thousands of residents help shape the community it has become. The absolute true “pulse” of Hoboken.

Any big event that happens in town, whether it’s a fire, power outage or other breaking news – Hoboken411 is the place people check first. No regurgitated stories copied from the lesser-read newspapers that are a day late. Hoboken411 leads the pack when it comes to current events in town.

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The Best bang for the buck!

Hoboken411 offers a wide variety of advertising choices. From large billboard banners to smaller buttons – you can give your business the attention you crave – regardless of your budget.

Want everyone to know about your new store? Done. Want to keep your business name fresh in the minds of your potential customers? Done. Want to offer a discount coupon to draw new visitors to your shop? Done.

It would be our pleasure to creatively give you a myriad of ways to enhance your brand awareness. No job too big or small! Please Contact Hoboken411 to schedule an appointment or find out more.

Hoboken411 leads and never follows

Copycats come and go – but Hoboken411 has only gotten stronger, with more readers each month!

With unique features such as a Live Police and Fire Action Channel, to a social network for commuters, people come back to Hoboken411 because of content not found anywhere else. From reports about local politics which are truthful and honest, to reader photo galleries about the mile square, Hoboken411 has it all! Videos, photos, city documents, menus and everything in between. No other resource comes close for information about Hoboken! Truly the “Go To” place in town!

A true Hoboken voice

Hoboken411 wasn’t created solely as a “business” endeavor. It was created to provide an honest medium for residents to learn about town, and exchange valuable information with their neighbors. By supporting Hoboken411 as an advertiser – you’re not helping us re-coup hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on any exorbitant website design costs – No! On top of helping your own business, you’re helping the community grow, as most of the revenue gets put right back into the small shops that make our city special.

Not influenced by politicians, or Realtors or developers – Hoboken411 is the only place you’ll get “both sides” of a story. And with honest and original content from 411 and the masses of readers (your customers) – it’s a true “one of a kind” website that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Do you choose to succeed?

The choice is ultimately yours to make – but any smart business person would know that it pays to invest your advertising budget where you will get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

If you currently advertise in a newspaper, magazine, or other low-impact medium – it makes sense to advertise with Hoboken411. Not only will your business increase – you’ll have more money in your pocket at the end of the day. A win-win situation for sure.

Contact Perry at Hoboken411@gmail.com for more information.
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