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Spotted again. Here’s Mischa and her dogs yesterday afternoon over at Maxwell Place. Yep. I’m stalking her AND Maxwell Place. I am creepy, right?



Spotted: Actress Mischa Barton was seen this afternoon enjoying the last few weeks of sunny, sultry weather here in Hoboken.

She was strolling along Hudson Street with her two dogs. Then spent time enjoying the grass plot over at Maxwell Place, where she tossed the ball with her pups (off the leash of course!). She then proceeded up to the Elysian Park dog run to provide Ziggy and Charlie (a rescue) some water to quench their thirst.

She looks actually better in person than she does in photos. Her hair was a dark brown, unlike the blonde hair you see in many photos. She seemed normal, but a bit withdrawn. I guess anyone considered a “celebrity” usually has to be that way.

Here she is in a file photo with her dog Charlie

8/15/2007 Update:

mischa-barton-hoboken-diaper.jpgHonestly, I’m not bumping this because I give 2 sh*ts whether this actress (Mischa Barton) is living in Hoboken or not. I’m bumping it because I want to know if the readers care about “news” like this. Does this even deserve to be a “top story”? I’ve always been curious at how people become “star struck” because someone who’s on TV or in the movies is any different than anyone else.

However, if this is the type of thing you guys are interested in, by all means let me know!

Oh, here’s what some GaySocialite site had to say about this “breaking news” (blech) story in Hoboken.

Spotted: Mischa Barton moving out of her Hoboken pad

Some GaySocialites phone paparazzi just caught Mischa Barton moving out of her new Hoboken pad.

As we told you last week, the former actress has moved to the New York City suburb because that’s all she can afford to be closer to the taping of her new movie.

The phone pap tells us that people at Archstone Hoboken, Mischa’s former Hoboken digs, say she was nice. However, Mischa’s mom is evidently a major cunt. Do we have another Dina Lohan in the making?

We’ll have all of the details and photos later! Stay tuned.

Story developing…



The chances you’ll ever be doing shots and getting drunk with 21 year old Mischa Barton (if she truly lives in Hoboken), are about the same as finding a parking spot on Sunday night. Not that you’d really want to…

A quote from The Superficial, regarding her notoriously bad choice of clothes:

“I’m not a fashion expert or anything, but having functioning eyes makes me more qualified to dress somebody than Mischa Barton. She looks like she had an old woman put together a superhero outfit from clothes she found in the garbage. She and Jessica Simpson should get together and start a “women who dress like they’re 100-years-old” club. And at every meeting they could like, I dunno, tuck their boobs into their pants or something.”

From New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer:

Mischa Barton Lives in Hoboken

mischa-barton-hoboken-2.jpgMischa Barton is currently filming Assassination of a High School President with Bruce Willis in New Jersey, and the apartment she owns in Tribeca is rented out. So instead she’s taken up residence across the river, in Hoboken. “Every time I’ve come recently I’ve stayed in a hotel, which just feels lame,” the former O.C. star told us at Paper magazine’s dinner for its September cover girl, Rihanna, last night. “I’ve been hanging at friends’ flats in the city, and it made me want to get a place of my own.” Oh, that’s right, Mischa, you were born in London, where they have flats. We forgot. (Elsewhere at the party, Paper’s Mickey Boardman greeted guests in a sequined blazer, of the Elton John style. He prefers Rihanna’s “Breaking Dishes” from her new album over the more popular “Umbrella,” if you must know. “It shows a little bit of a rougher side,” he said.) “I think I need to be back here,” said Barton, who grew up in an apartment in the city. “I’m in my twenties now, and it would be nice to finally have my own place in the city. I like the East Village, Greenwich Village, and the meatpacking. I’m sort of a downtown girl.” Which is just as well. We needed a new haughty waif who thinks she’s British. Claire Danes is nearly 30.

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[quote comment=”59420″]She left Hoboken months ago…[/quote]

I was making a joke about her DUI


Sorry Home… I missed your post. 🙂


Looks like Misha got busted for a DeeWee…

Great picture…


Hoboken is perfect for her now. No car = PATH & Ferry.

Happy New Year! 😛


She left Hoboken months ago…


I guess she moved from Maxwell Place to a West Hollywood jail