Adopt Lexie the dog!

Gorgeous dog “Lexie” wants a home in Hoboken, NJ

Wow – this has to be one of the cutest dogs for adoption on Hoboken411 I’ve seen in a long while!

Lexie the Dog for Adoption Hoboken NJ

“Lexie is about 4 months old and super sweet. We are not sure what she is a mix of, but think she is shepherd, collie, terrier and maybe some pit.

Her mom is medium-sized and we think she’ll be the same, if not on the smaller side. She is very laid back for her age and her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch. She gets along with other dogs, but doesn’t like to rough house with them. She’s just happy being around them and is currently in foster with another dog. She walks well on the leash and is well on her way to being house trained. She does great in her crate and will go in there on her own when she wants some down time.

For more information on Lexie, visit or send an email to To read more about Lexie, go to Her siblings Patty, Soopy, Connor and Star are also up for adoption as well as her mom, Sophie.”

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Angry Bird
Angry Bird
Thursday, February 23, 2012 5:46 pm

What a cute pooch. Hope she finds a home soon!

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