Carb war picks up intensity

Doughy bread & carb onslaught continues in Hoboken, NJ

As people become educated about the profound benefits of living a low carb life – large commercial entities are ramping up the marketing blitz in a noticeable way, hoping to mesmerize those glued to their TV sets with succulent images of cheesy breads and gloppy cinnamon rolls.

Just like the $4.99 Domino’s Death Deal that was making rounds recently – we have another ridiculously over-carb dish they’re offering: Pasta in a bowl made of bread!

Each one of these insulin-shocking dishes has hundreds upon hundreds of grams of carbohydrates – and are incredibly cheap. People probably think they’re getting a good deal because they can eat the bowl, too. What next? Edible carb-filled forks & napkins too?

Dominos Bread Bowl Pasta Carb invasion attack Hoboken NJ

HomeMade Pizza Co. joins the “carb add-on” frenzy

Businesses are starting to realize what kind of foods are addictive, and sure to be top-sellers in their lineup of options. And cheap products over-flowing with wheat, flour, high-fructose corn syrup and a list of other blood sugar ravaging ingredients are a recipe for success and repeat customers.

HomeMade Pizza Co. is following in Domino’s footsteps, offering extra bready add-ons for only a few bucks. Like these herb breadsticks and cinnamon rolls (with added sugary frosting).

The only benefit with ordering these from HomeMade Pizza Co. over Domino’s is the 15 calories you’ll burn putting them in and taking them out of your oven.

Eat at your own risk!

HomeMade Pizza Co Bread Sticks and Cinnamon Rolls high carb body fat Hoboken NJ

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Every time I see those pizza boxes piled high on the sidewalk I think natural selection is slowly at work. It will take a few generations for society as a whole to wake up.


How ridiculous!