Another special Hoboken city council meeting

Hoboken Council meets again to “discuss” dozens of legal contracts

Let’s hope the 20 or so people that tried watching last week’s Hoboken council meeting bought hearing aids and studied lip-reading (the audio was garbage and essentially useless!)

Anyway – this week’s special council meeting is mostly about whether to fund the excessive legal contracts and cases the city is involved with. Oddly enough, this particular special agenda is a political power play once again, and we see a departure from traditional language. Instead of stating what the funds are for and how much (and having the council approve or disapprove the actual expenditures), the administration plays tricks with words, and negatively reverses the verbiage – and now a yes vote essentially withdraws funding from the case listed. Over 30 line items and a whole lot of caffeine required for this mockery of how a local government should be run.

Click here at 7pm to watch live video stream.

Hoboken NJ City Council Meeting February 22 2012

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