City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

Here’s a weekly update, with photos submitted by 411 readers.

Cops should be able to park anywhere, even in the middle of the street, as long as it’s official police business or an emergency. And even the little sanitation cart shouldn’t be a big deal in front of a hydrant, as long as they’re nearby “working”. But what about personal vehicles? What about overnight parking?

What about when they’re on lunch? It becomes tricky, because they’re public servants, I would suspect that the probably need to eat, and not spend their break looking for parking.

As long as these offending vehicles have a good reason other than “I park here because I can”, I’m ok with it… What about all of you?

illegally parked hoboken fire car july 2007 - City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

hoboken city vehicle parked by hydrant - City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

Personal car by crosswalk (5th & Willow)
hoboken pd personal car parked illegally 2 - City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

An out of town State PD guest offense!
hoboken nj state police parked badly - City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

Personal car completely blocking bus (stop 10th & Wash)
hoboken city car in bus stop june 18 2007 2 - City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

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Saturday, September 22, 2007 5:48 pm

John Correa’s letter in the Reporter (Sept.23,2007) on the “Safe Paths” program is an invitation for people to watch every move he does from now on.

His letter talks about the importance of keeping crosswalks clear, parking the legal distance from corners and never parking in front of a fire hydrant.

It reminds me when Gary Hart dared the press to prove he was having an affair. Well John Corea has just dared every person in town to send photos of his HPU truck and every HPU truck parked illegally.

We will be watching John.

Monday, August 13, 2007 5:45 pm

I don’t see what your problem is. If contractors can park where ever they want and Huffnagel can park where ever they want why can’t the police, or samitation. Hey, why can’t you?

Next time you are out walking around look at how many contractor vehicles are parked on the resident only side of the street and I’don’t mean by legitimate “No Parking” signs, which people can purchase.

Guess what happens if you call the Parking Authority. Well, it’s not their job. You have to stand by the truck until they get there if you want them to do anything about it, but they don’t have enough people so bring a chair and a good book.

Monday, August 13, 2007 11:16 am

it’s somewhat about attitude, which i think you can tell in a person. since hudson co. has a high percentage of mush-heads, the cops are often guidos and obnoxious and so the parking can be seen as an extension of that. but, if a normal, humble, law enforcement officer wants to park in the yellow to eat at luca brasi’s, i don’t see any abuse of power involved. that to me – someone with a more pleasant disposition – is more of a person “IN SERVICE” of the community than someone who has an attitude, as if they think they should be able to do anything because of hte badge.

Saturday, August 11, 2007 9:32 am

[quote comment=”38516″][quote comment=”38504″][quote comment=”38482″]
i don’t see parking in the yellow as an issue for pedestrians – moreso for blocking the view of drivers coming into the intersection.[/quote]If you are even the teeny tiniest serious than you are a complete idiot who is clearly too stupid to be living in the world amongst the rest of us! Or have never crossed an intersection in your entire life.

The whole reason that the State has no parking within 15 feet (10 feet in Hoboken courtesy of Mayor Roberts) of an intersection is so that cars and pedestrians can see EACH OTHER and BOTH parties can avoid a collision. This is FAR more important to the pedestrian since they are the ones that would suffer the physical injury and, in line with current trend in Hoboken, potentially be killed.

A car doesn’t have mortality concerns. I’m sure the talking car on Knight Rider confused you, but cars aren’t alive. Honestly, they’re not.

Tama Murden
Tama Murden
Saturday, August 11, 2007 1:42 am

Re 8. koolkat: You’re preaching to the choir. I’ve posted previously about his vehicle & bunches of others behaving badly (including P.A. police, who are some of the worst offenders). Mr. A. is often seen lunching w/a HPU person (a middle-aged guy w/a goatee, in uniform). Sometimes, he’s parked in a nearby metered spot, w/a “vanity bag” on the meter. I would imagine, courtesy of his goatee’d HPU pal. Once, after the umpteenth time his car was parked into the crosswalk & I couldn’t see to cross Washington St. on the green light (b/c drivers heading south like to fly around the corner onto 2nd St., w/a right turn on red), I went into T.P. & asked Mr. A. if he could please honor our parking regulations—or use his T.P. patron parking voucher at the nearby municipal garage, so as not to create a traffic-safety hazard w/his vehicle. I finished by asking him to please, “Do the Right Thing.” He’s either so dense—or humorless—or feels so entitled—that he didn’t even get the joke about his acting career. But the headline of this repeated thread surely seems that the double-standard has to stop. Maybe someone w/deep pockets could set up a fund for private towing of offending vehicles, which will be filmed in process? Could be an amusing documentary film! (Kidding, of course, but it seems time for more serious measures!) Or perhaps getting that Shame on You TV feature from the City to do a profile (& not just Mr.… Read more »

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