Aroy-D Thai Elephant Food Truck coming!

Hoboken gets new mobile food option: Aroy-D Thai Elephant Truck

Despite the war on lunch trucks city officials (who own traditional restaurants) launched recently in Hoboken – that is not stopping Aroy-D, the Thai Elephant Truck from getting ready to excite the Mile Square with tasty ethnic flavor.

Aroy D Thai Elephant Lunch Food Truck coming to Hoboken NJ - Aroy-D Thai Elephant Food Truck coming!

“Very Yummy” Thai food for your tummy!

Aroy-D means “very yummy,” and Owner / Head Chef Pupay Hepner is hoping to arrive in Hoboken sometime in the second half of March.

Fans are leaving positive comments about Aroy-D, which is a very good sign!

  • “The best thai food i’ve ever had! very fresh and affordable… drunken noodles are my fav… and not only did i have plenty for dinner, i also have plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow! any other restaurant would be double the price and no where near as tasty!”
  • “The food was delicious. We’ll be back!”

Good news is – that they already have their approved Hoboken Health Permit – so about the only thing that will prevent great success for the Thai Elephant Truck is sabotage and organized attacks from those that hate capitalism. Let’s hope the city backs off entrepreneurs and allows delicious and affordable food into Hoboken.

Thai Elephant Truck Passed Hoboken Health Inspection - Aroy-D Thai Elephant Food Truck coming!

Description: Mobile Food Vendor specializing in foods from Thailand.
Address: Wherever they won’t get harassed by city hall.
Web: FacebookTwitter
[DDET Menu: Click to reveal tasty Aroy-D Menu!] Thai Elephant Truck Hoboken NJ Menu Aroy D - Aroy-D Thai Elephant Food Truck coming!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012 2:35 pm

Have the names of those restaurants with ties to Jen Giatto(sp) ever come to light? I would definitely like to know so I don’t mistakenly eat there knowing they used the family puppet to ram this terrible legislation through.

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