Getting creative with pork!

Food options do not have to be difficult when living low carb

When living the low-carb lifestyle, it often inspires creativity with your food options around town.

For the now permanent LCHF (low carb – high fat) life I’m living, it’s been easy to maintain and relatively problem-free for the most part, and I haven’t even become “bored” with anything.

The fact that you’re never hungry or peckish has a lot to do with it (food becomes less of a “pleasure source” rather than just eating because it’s time to eat).

I believe that plays a huge role, because when you’re constantly hungry when your blood sugar goes on the typical daily roller-coaster ride in the Standard American Diet (SAD), you equate the food you eat as “pleasureful,” rather than just feeding fuel to your body to survive.

That’s not saying us low-carbers don’t ever experience tasty, pleasureful meals to eat – we just don’t make it our mission to “make love” the food we eat nor do you have incessant cravings. It’s a non-event that doesn’t dominate our life or our thought-processes (more primal than anything). We use our new free time to do other, more useful things. Your mind is clearer, you become more focused. Fact of the matter.

Eggs go beyond bacon and ham in Hoboken, NJ!

Normally, one of the staples of a solid low-carb diet is EGGS. Yep, the much-maligned “egg from a chicken!”

Eggs are wonderful (when eaten in moderation). In fact – you know those “egg white” dishes you see everywhere? That’s overkill for the low-carb person. Because too much protein is also considered a negative – almost the equivalent to too many carbs, because when you ingest more protein than your body needs – it converts that excess to glucose, which is not good for you (cancer, diabetes, and all the negatives associated with sugar).

In fact – you’re better off eating the YOLKS!

Regardless, I was at my favorite Hoboken Deli Cugini Kitchen uptown (f.k.a. Joe’s Prime Meats) – and I saw a delicious lunch special tray of pulled pork.

I immediately thought – why shouldn’t I order pulled pork omellete? You have bacon, Taylor ham, Canadian bacon, why not pulled pork? It’s the same damn animal!

WOW – it was better than I thought. The texture and richness of a tender, properly cooked pulled pork is fabulous with a nice omelette. I also added cheddar – but next time I’ll also add onions, jalapenos, and spicy pepper jack cheese instead – with maybe some red pepper flakes and cayenne as well.

The omelette you see pictured above was only 4 eggs with perhaps 6oz. of pork. I couldn’t finish half of it. By keeping the blood sugar low, and ingesting the proper amount of fat – my body immediately told me I was full, and didn’t need to “clean my plate.”

I saved the rest for dinner – and remain thrilled that weight is dropping on a weekly basis with essentially zero suffering or sacrifice.

Special message to low-carb haters and detractors:

411 Note: I’ve now received well over 100 emails from local residents who’ve become inspired by the frequent low-carb updates here on Hoboken411. All have reported success (ranging from 5 to 40 pounds since this feature started).

And to all the “haters” who have tried lambasting 411 for publishing helpful tips about low-carb living in Hoboken – keep your negative comments to yourself if you cannot add something of value to the conversation. And if you recall reading, the low-carb life is NOT just for “vanity” purposes. The benefits go way beyond the superficial, which is why we feel it is very important to get the word out. Your health depends on it!

But luckily for you (when you are ready), I’ll gladly welcome everyone with open arms.

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my husband lost 40+ pounds on a similar diet now its a way of life introducing carbs ever so gently and modestly , loosing all the wieght has enabled him to excersise -something he hadnt done before. No more BP pills aches and pains all gone…
protein shakes, protien, fats and carbs occasionally helps to maintain the wt. going on for over one yeaar now:)


Funny 411, every time I make pulled pork, I save enough for a few omelette’s!