Hoboken Mardi Gras Headquarters

Oddfellows Considered Hoboken’s Fat Tuesday Hot Spot

Luckily for Oddfellows (80 River St. across from the PATH) – because of their “Louisiana” menu & theme, they become the default Hoboken HQ for Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebrations each year.

It’s always a fun time – with tossed beads and other high-spirits going on all night. Promotions and giveaways as well.

But at the rate this city is spiraling in the wrong direction – don’t be surprised to see some kind of city ordinance or banishment for booze holidays like this in the future!

Mardi Gras Oddfellows Hoboken NJ 2012 Fat Tuesday

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Don’t get why anyone flocks to a phony mardi gras celebration without the shirts coming off. Like watching a skin flick with blurred out parts. What is the point? You can drink every day of the year!