5k Run/Walk against crime & drugs


I made a quick video recap of this event more than two weeks ago. Forgot to post it. Here it is, in case anyone is interested.

Online Videos by Veoh.com


Tonight at 7pm is the 16th Annual Hoboken Police 5k Run/walk against crime and drugs.

Pretty much the exact route as the Party with Purpose 5k run back in June, except I heard that the “goody bags” for this event are a bit better.

I wonder if the winner of this race will have a better time than the last 5k (around 16:07).

Here’s the website: http://www.hoboken5k.com/Home_Page.html
Check your times later here: http://compuscore.com/

Keep in mind Sinatra drive and parts of 15th St. by the Hudson Tea Building will be closed for a couple hours this evening.

Photo: Pre-race. Party with Purpose 5k June 2007.

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Some crazy woman in a Jaguar plowed through the run last night. It was at the intersection of 11th, Hudson and Sinatra drive.

It looked like she drove up 11th st., past one of the officials who yelled at her to stop. She then took a right onto Hudson. There were about 10-15 people running across the intersection at the time and she just plowed right through, oblivious. Even if she didn’t know the street was blocked there’s no reason for her to drive through a crowd of people. Runners were jumping out of her way but she was coming up behind some of them. I think a couple of them got bumped. It was nuts.

She then booked up Hudson with everyone yelling at her. She didn’t look out the window, she was just conversing with the woman in the shotgun seat. The official called a motorcycle cop who zipped up the street but he came back a few minutes later and it was obvious they didn’t find her. They got a liscense plate number so hopefully she’ll be found.


Is this a fundraiser for the HPD website?


I think his corpse can outrun most of us.


That would be pretty neat, considering he’s been dead a while.



16:07 isn’t too shabby. What do you expect, Prefontaine to show up?