HPU on Valentine’s Day Blitz

No love for Hoboken Parking on Valentine’s Day 2012

Countless people told Hoboken411 today about the “blitz” that the Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) was going on today, often double teaming parked cars block after block.

Something must have woken them up (like taking a look at how bad the city’s books look – “it’s time to steal more money from residents, visitors, and small businesses!”)

I mean – does the city of Hoboken just want to KILL the economy here for their own selfish plans? At this rate no one will come to Hoboken any more. Cake Boss, Snooki or not. What will be the point of having parking everywhere when there are no businesses left to patronize?

HPU thinks “parking cone” makes double parking OK

Take a look at this shot that a Hoboken411 reader sent in this afternoon.

This HPU go-kart is double parked on Washington Street (you can be sure it was an “EMERGENCY” call, right?) and they thought by placing a mini-orange traffic cone in the back of it – would make it “A-OK!”

Can we put orange cones behind our cars & trucks and make it “A-OK?” Didn’t think so.

Hypocrisy continues again… on Valentine’s Day!

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