Happy President’s Day!

99 Days until your next company holiday!

The time between Washington’s Birthday (today) and Memorial Day (the “unofficial” start of the summer season, shore houses, etc.) is the longest drought between “official” holidays in this country. Some companies still give off Good Friday (April 6th), but not always a given.

For those of you off today – use your time off wisely, enjoy the seasonable weather – and perhaps even leave your comfortable four-block radius in Hoboken to explore something different?

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Hoboken History & President’s Day

Considering today’s “official” holiday is commemorating both Presidents Lincoln and Washington – here’s a random historical tidbit with a Hoboken connection.

The USS President Lincoln – a 600 foot naval vessel used in World War I, called Hoboken a home port for many years in the early 1900’s (first as a place for German refugees to board, later re-commissioned as a war vessel after the German’s tried sabotaging the boat in attempts to prevent the U.S. from using it.)

The USS President Lincoln sailed on five WWI missions before getting sunk by a German U90 submarine on May 31, 1918.

See more at the Naval Historical Center.

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I love holidays like this because I choose to come to work while the rest of the office is off. Much more productive. I traded today with Friday, so I can be off when everyone else is at work. Much more relaxing and peaceful!