Hoboken Photographer connects fitness entities

Hoboken’s Jason Jaskot films supplement client at CKO Gyms

The Monroe Center is home to many artists, craft-makers, photographers and other small businesses.

One of them is Jason Jaskot (www.jasonjaskotphoto.com) – who specializes in modeling, portrait and headshots among other work.

New Jersey based fitness supplement company Eat the Bear (www.ETBfit.com) contacted Jason to re-shoot all the models for their new website – and the work was done over at ClubKO Gym at 9th & Madison. Those two companies are now in talks to possible cross-promote their businesses as well. See photos and more about Eat the Bear below.

Eat the Bear: Fostering fitness & health the right way

Encourages Complete Well-Being Through Premier Athletes, Clean Protein, Social Engagement

“Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.” Eat the Bear (ETB) is a fitness company that prides itself on nurturing a lifestyle that enables people to conquer obstacles everyday, to take positive steps in all aspects of life and to never let the “bear” get the best of them. With a supply of heavily researched clean and lean proteins and with the guidance of premier athletes and fitness models, ETB engenders a community of well-being physically, mentally and emotionally.

ETB is an interactive information source for the fitness community, boasting a host of elite athletes that offer information and advice on training, nutrition and all things health-related. ETB’s world-class athletes use social media tools Twitter, Facebook and blogging to connect with health-conscious individuals: from beginners searching for the best way to embark on a fitness plan to top athletes looking to reach the highest level.

ETB has engineered a highly concentrated pure isolate protein that is free of the heavy metals often associated with other leading supplements. In contrast to the 30-40 ingredients commonly used in other leading brands, ETB protein has four, offering a cleaner and healthier product for athletes who want to get results without harming their body. ETB offers over 4,500 sports nutrition products and accessories to help customers achieve or maintain their ideal physique.

“This is a truly unique company in the fitness industry and I am honored to be a part of the ETB family,” said sponsored physique competitor and body builder John Dougherty, who is pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at George Washington University. “The entire company is predicated on providing the highest quality fitness information and service.”

It is a movement based on honesty and authenticity, with ETB athletes serving as an easily accessible source of information for the community. The ETB expert team personally write blog posts and share instructional videos to help readers, listeners, and viewers gain the knowledge, drive and power, to eat the bear everyday.

About ETB North America, LLC

ETB North America LLC is a fitness company, founded in 2011 and based in Montclair, N.J., that connects members with personal athletes and other health-minded individuals in support of personal wellness. By combining an active social platform and providing the highest quality supplements and gear available, ETB assists members as they work together to achieve their highest fitness goals.

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