Oscar gets mohawk and winter makeover

Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar gets revamped for the winter

I sometimes think Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar is the “groundhog” of dogs – because each time he gets a haircut in the winter, it gets colder and snow is in the air.

Anyway – I treated him to a complete makeover last week:

  • Fantastic dog bath and grooming with Erica Li at Hoboken Dog Wash (211 4th Street.) Perfect as always! Great place for all Mile Square pooches!
  • A great Bella Bean Leash / Collar combo at Cornerstone Pets (105 9th St.) My dog dresses better than me now!
  • And a first for Oscar – a smashing Double Diamond waterproof coat from RC Pet Products (also available at Cornerstone). I felt bad with his short hair, and thought it was the right thing to do!

He’s terrible in front of the camera – so I took what footage I could get and made a quick 2 minute video. I think it’s fun – and he must have known what soundtrack we’d be using, because there are several moments he moves precisely to the lyrics. Hmmm, Oscar is now psychic, too?

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