Leptin, fat loss, and more!

How and why we get fat – simplified by Sean Croxton

Wow, little did I know before I made the permanent commitment to a low carb lifestyle – that there was tons of really valuable information out there to gobble up. It makes me wonder why the whole world collectively hasn’t “gotten it” yet (I suspect mainstream media plays a role in it…)

Either way – each week that goes by, I find more and more places that preach to the same choir – and keep adding to my own knowledge base.

Fat loss so simple why is everyone still fat - Leptin, fat loss, and more!

Deprivation often leads to weight gain – it’s how we’re programmed

This case in particular – is an independent blogger named Sean Croxton – who runs the Underground Wellness site. I just recently stumbled upon his sites, but this video in particular educates people in a simple, brief and effective manner – about Leptin – and how it’s relatively overlooked, and plays a huge role in why some of us are struggling with our weight.

Key point to take from this video: Depriving yourself of (good) food is rarely a bright idea. Your body “defends” itself, which ends up lowering your metabolism and increasing hunger. So going to the gym and working out like a psycho, and just to eat croutons and drink water will lead to negative consequences. Voluntary starvation plays no positive role in a healthy life, even though psychologically you might think you’re making progress. You’re not.

Watch the video to understand. And to read the expanded text version of this subject – click here.

(Note that Sean does try to market his book The Dark Side of Fat Loss,” but that’s OK – we live in a capitalistic society for the time being).

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