PSE&G repairs

Jennifer Kramer, spokesperson for PSE&G sent this note out today, regarding a problematic circuit in town. They have now located the problem (on 4th and Washington), and have begun making repairs (should be fixed by Midnight):

PSE&G Asks Hoboken to Conserve Energy
August 2, 3:00 pm

Residents and business owners will likely notice an increased presence of utility workers in town this afternoon. While all the lights are on in Hoboken right now, PSE&G crews are working to locate and repair a problematic circuit that powers a bulk of the city’s businesses along Washington Street.

PSE&G workers are walking Washington, making “house calls” to businesses that are larger energy users, requesting that they conserve while the utility works to get the electrical system back to normal.

Businesses and residents are being asked to turn off all non-essential lights, appliances, and air conditioning- and to try to avoid doing heat producing tasks such as laundry and dishes until late in the evening.

Please note that no one in the city is without power right now. PSE&G’s call for conservation is a precautionary step designed to help temper the demand for power while the utility works to make repairs. The goal is to do so without interrupting electrical service at all.

PSE&G appreciates cooperation from residents and business owners and town leaders as it works to keep the power on during the dog days of summer.

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ITA with Hobodave. I think it’s the offices and corporate places that are the most wasteful. Didn’t realize A&P was just putting on a show, but I’d believe it. It is pretty chilly in there.

Newport Mall movie theater is pretty bad too. I usually have to wear pants, socks, and a jacket even when it’s 100 out.

The seniors in fixed-income housing are probably the least wasteful, as you said. Also, they are the ones in the most danger from the heat if they can’t use their A/C’s, so I say let them use it. Also, window AC’s take up a lot less energy than the massive blower systems used in corporate offices.


Yeah, hoebroken – I second your motion on all counts. I also froze my ass off at my office job for the last few years before retirement. In that particular case, the supervisor had a corner office that wouldn’t get cool enough for her unless the central A/C was turned up full blast – forcing the rest of us to wear coats all summer. But the practice of keeping the inside temperature absurdly low is widespread in large offices, stores and businesses in the area. Even eating at a restaurant or going to a movie usually requires bringing along something warm to bundle up in. As far as the A&P in town is concerned, their practice of keeping half of their (fluorescent!) lights off to “conserve energy” is just a public-relations ploy when compared to the enormous amount of power used to keep the store unnecessarily cold – and I don’t just mean the isles next to the frozen food. I often shop late at night, and even on relatively cool evenings their A/C is set so high that you are chilled to the bone after a few minutes. Of course, I’m an easily chilled old fogie, but I’ve seen many younger people, who walk in there dressed for a summer night, and start shivering badly. In light of this, asking older tenants, who live in senior apartment buildings, such as mine, to keep their little window air conditioners on for fewer hours, or at higher temperatures is a little… Read more »


Responding to hoebroken — I find 75 much too warm for inside use. Then again, I worked outdoors in the northern winter weather for four years and grew up in a place where snow could pile up for months.

I’m walking a fine line, trying to keep myself cool without freezing the baby. But then I put a blanket on the baby this morning and she kicked it off, purposely (10.5 mos.), so maybe she runs a little hot, like me?


I think this should apply in Manhattan as well. Rather than laying employees off or giving out pay cuts because of “energy costs,” try turning the A/C a little above 65 in the summer, and the heat below 75. CONSERVE!! All you are doing is making everyone in the office sick and uncomfortable, and don’t tell me that “by regulation” it has to be at those temperatures. Whose regulation? The Board of People who like to wear Winter Coats in the Office in July and Tank Tops in January While Listening to Coworkers Hacking a Lung?

I noticed the A&P was trying to conserve energy by keeping lights low. They could probably turn the A/C down a notch too. Personally I like my home A/C on 75. Less than that and I get chattery. Am I unusual?


(No snarky comments, no unnecessary digs.) I’m glad to see that PSE&G is on the job. A blackout in town on a 90+ weekend would be a very negative event. I hope they get it fixed and up and running properly.

Kinda like that auto insurance commercial that shows the minivan pulling up to a stop sign and … AND … AAAANNNDDDD … nothing happens. That’s how you want some things in life to be.