Fats don’t make you fat – Carbs do!

Great low carb infographic everyone should see

Adding to the low carb living repository here on Hoboken411, here is a great “infographic” that sums up the reason the fashionable “low fat” or low-calorie diets are garbage, and you’ve been doing it wrong for a long time. Should be really easy for everyone to understand (click the link under the picture below.)

I’m afraid, however, that it will be very hard for some people to shake the negative vibe that fat has received over the years. You can bet anything that they’ll still continue buying crap like “baked” chips, dry, disgusting pretzels, and “100 calorie” bags of processed chocolate chip cookies. They’ll eventually catch on, and hopefully before they get diabetes, a heart attack or cancer.

[DDET ►► Click to reveal low-carb infographic!]
(If you’re having trouble reading the text – click here for full-size version)


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