Low Carb Cheat: Columbian Cheese Bread

Sol Caribe in Hoboken, NJ has the BEST tasting bread ever!

I mentioned in an earlier post about the new Choc-o-Pain French Bakery (157 First St.) – that if you need to have an occasional “cheat” in your low carb lifestyle, that you should reserve those moments for phenomenal products. Not Cheetos, or a garbage slice of sub-quality pizza, NO!

You should save those “bad” occasions for food that just cannot be replicated otherwise. A special personal moment for your taste buds and intelligent food consumption life.

Pandebono Columbian Cheese Bread: A great “cheat” for low carb living

Enter one of the ridiculously crazy-delicious items in Hoboken: Pandebono (Columbian Cheese Bread) from Sol Caribe Latin American Kitchen at 518 Washington St.

This isn’t as much of a “cheat” for low-carbers as you’d think – since much of this tasty, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth “soft & delicious hockey puck” of a bun is comprised of CHEESE!

But since NO OTHER Hoboken establishment offers this – it gives you even more reasons to try it.

I’ve tried spreading the word about it to my close-knit circle of friends and family – but it appears Sol Caribe doesn’t need my help.

I was in there last week, and a girl stopped in on her way home from work – just to pick up a giant sack of these outrageous Latin delicacies. She no doubt had a humongous and satisfied look of anticipation, and had no problem waiting 15 minutes while they prepared a fresh batch for her.

Please – stop in and try them… you’ve never had anything quite like them. Note: microwaving the cheese-bread, while still beyond tasty, does NOT give you nearly the same texture as baking them in a conventional oven. Have patience – it’s well worth the added benefit!

Final point: If you’ve behaved on your low-carb (or any other diet for that matter) – and you’re seeing “gains” overall, then this is one fantastic cheat/reward you can give yourself. (Note: I do take a liking to sincere “thank you” notes for sharing hidden secrets like this with Hoboken residents – so feel free to connect with Hoboken411! Just email Hoboken411@gmail.com with your feedback – positive or negative.)

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It’s called Pan de bono not pandebono, and it’s colOmbian not colUmbian ❗ delicious with coffee in the morning!


Hey, watch it there, cheetos are one of my favorite cheats! That cheese bread looks pretty good too…