NY Waterway expands weekend schedule

Hoboken North NY Waterway Ferry Schedule Weekend Options Improve

Hoboken411 has always preferred the NY Waterway Ferry over any other mode of transport to New York City. I’ve always agreed with their marketing slogan, “The civilized commute.” While the fares are not quite on par with that statement – I most certainly still would rather pony up for the sheer awesomeness of the quick and easy trip.

One aspect of their service that was in need of improvement, was the lack of late-night trips – ending before 11pm most days of the week.

However, they’ve obviously listened to riders – and have now added a later and more frequent night option for Saturdays only. You can now catch the last ferry from NYC back to Hoboken at 12:10am.

Frankly – I’d be interested if they even considered going even later (say 4am or 5am), but I’m not aware of what their “break even” point is for ridership (fuel costs, salary overhead, etc.) But for uptown residents who like partying in Manhattan – Midnight still seems a bit early – but better than the previous limited choices we all had. We’ll see how long this new schedule lasts!

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With the rates they charge it should be 24 hour service. Maybe more customers would flock to them if it wasn’t so limited.