Hoboken Gov’t sets great examples

Once again Hoboken violates law; gets away with it

Public servants (like Mayor Dawn Zimmer and pretty much all municipal employees) get quite upset when you “shine the light” on what they’re doing with property taxpayer dollars – as well as what they don’t get punished for (that regular citizens have to pay hard earned money out of their own pockets for).

I slacked off a bit over the past few weeks in terms of holding their feet to the fire (long story – will explain further one day), so it seems as if they thought I gave up keeping an eye on the HYPOCRISY taking place in this town.

Take this Hoboken municipal vehicle (NJ lic. plate MG25456) clearly parked in the yellow and too close to the intersection. This would most definitely impede a Hoboken Fire truck from quickly making the turn. This had the potential to put human lives in danger. For this driver to be partially responsible for the injury or death of another innocent person.

No penalty. No fine. No nothing.

You and me? Fine, ticket, boot and maybe tow. Why should we get subject to “punishment” like that from the people that supposedly are “trusted” to enforce (and abide by) the law?

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