Slacker Girl

Long time Hoboken resident Alexandra Koslow is proud to announce the release of her second book (and first novel) “Slacker Girl“. Her previous book “Citybursts!: Get Your Feet Laid for $450…and Other Tales of Girls in the City” came out in 2005.

slacker girl

∙a novel∙

slacker girl alexandra koslow hoboken - Slacker GirlBy Alexandra Koslow

Move over, Carrie Bradshaws of the world. Alexandra Koslow presents a heroine for the next generation of city girls in her brazen and smart debut novel SLACKER GIRL (A Plume Original Trade Paperback; On-sale: August 2007; $13.00).

Downtown New York City resident Jane Cooper has got some advice for the working girls of the 21st century—Don’t! Artsy and unambitious, yet residing in a city of workaholics, Jane believes hard work has been unfairly glamorized in 1980s “propaganda films” like Working Girl and she refuses to participate. A rebel without a cause, Jane enjoys leisure-friendly jobs allowing the law of attraction to fulfill her life’s “wish list,”, which is enough to sustain her lifestyle of hours spent absorbing positive vibes at bars, cafés and lounges. That is, until serious cash flow problems and her conscience (a.k.a. her nagging best friend Rebecka) force her to get a real job at a stuffy financial investment firm.

Clearly, wearing a suit, behaving conservatively and listening to boring client stories horrifies Jane. Still, there’s time for a latté at her favorite Soho café, before arriving at the office late most mornings, so all is not lost. But much to the dismay of her smitten boss Ray, who saved her during a recent company layoff, Jane decides to take off on a “spiritually cleansing”, but poorly-timed, vacation to South Beach to help Rebecka deal with her recent break up. This fun-filled getaway is cut short when Jane learns her decision had consequences and she needs to repay a favor. Springing into action—and channeling the big hair, make-up and shoulder-pads of Joan Collins a la Dynasty—Jane attempts to land a major account to save the company, her friendship, and possibly her heart.

Funny and cheeky, SLACKER GIRL is a fresh look at the modern working woman’s from a new fiction voice.

Here’s her bio (from her website), and a press release. See her Myspace page too. Congratulations, Alex!

alexandra koslow hoboken slacker girl - Slacker GirlDirectly after graduation, Alex moved to New York City and got a job in advertising. It was time to get corporate, be an adult, and to fly solo without the help of Mom and Dad. After toiling away as a producer at a large ad agency, she decided she was dead wrong: it was not time to get corporate. It never was. That was silliness from watching too much TV. After realizing that zero dollars = her advertising paycheck, she quit her job without any savings in the bank to see where the winds of change would take her. Things got rowdy.

While trying to pursue a new career photographing flowers, Alex started to work as a temporary assistant to many people all over New York City. She worked for Maxim and Stuff magazines, she worked for a French Countess, a few billionaires, a famous restaurant designer, and many others. She got a good look at Manhattan from the inside. It was sweet. This experience almost led to a stint on MTV called “My life is a movie” because everyone wanted a piece of her action – but it didn’t. She also became a top notch mixologist at this time, for a couple of bars in Hoboken, NJ. She learned what the UK expression “living on the dole” meant. She had mixed feelings about it.

After settling into a permanent assistant job for some rich folk, Alex realized that photography also equaled zero dollars. So Alex finally broke up with the photography medium and listened to a nagging idea in her heart that she ignored for years, telling her to write a story. It was time to put down the camera and pick up a pen. And write she did. 2005 brought her first book ‘Citybursts! Get your feet laid for $450- and other tales of Girls in the City’ to popular culture, which was a fun, kitschy book of haiku poems and illustrations about single-girl life in the city. August of 2007 debuts her first novel, ‘slacker girl’, which may be described as her raison d’etre, whatever that means.

Alexandra Koslow currently lives in Hoboken, NJ. She reads, writes, parties, dates, meditates, practices feng shui, shares music, goes to shows, reads underground magazines, swims, makes art, views art, enjoys beauty treatments, hangs out with friends and family, and generally just lets love rule.

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[quote comment=”37346″]Ha ha…slackers don’t read!

Should have targeted a different demographic.


You might be onto something. There’s a magazine called “Slacker” at www dot slackermag dot com… however it is currently down. 😐


Ha ha…slackers don’t read!

Should have targeted a different demographic.



Her previous book “Citybursts!: Get Your Feet Laid for $450”

…and I thought only rabbits’ feet got lucky

kooky kat

If I were you Furey, I would take ANY girl. 😈

P.S. I know the author of this book, she ain’t no slacker either. She’s an artist, a photographer, a writer, all the while holding down a good job in the finance industry.

Slacker indeed!!! Good luck Alex! Congratulations!!


Original working title: “Marry A Rich Man And Work No More”. Yep, every man wants a Slacker Girl in their life.