More parking headaches for Hoboken residents

Complicated parking meters add new list of problems in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken411 reader Nancy makes some good points about the automated parking robots that inconvenience drivers parking on Hoboken streets.

“I don’t think anyone has mentioned this so far, but the new meters require something the old ones didn’t: daily checking to see that they are working (no paper jam for example), have paper loaded, and are connecting to the network for credit card validation. These are things that were not needed for the most part with the old coin meters.

A couple of times in the past few weeks I have had issues: once when I tried to use a credit card and the validation did not complete (I resorted to some quarters I dug up in my car after trying with two normally good cards) and once when the slip did not come down. I was suspicious when I saw about 4 receipts sitting in the meter – probably deserted by unsuccessful drivers who were not able to grab their receipt at the time, but whose receipts were spit out by the meter later.

If we as parkers brave the ridiculous “2-hour anywhere in Hoboken” regulation and try to use the new meters, what recourse do we have when they don’t work? Put a note in our windshield on the honor system saying when we left? (assuming we have paper and pen handy?)

As the meters are pretty new, I suspect the issue will get worse as time goes by.

Just wondering if other people have had the same issues – Nancy”

411 Note: While I agree the “new” parking meters are most certainly MUCH more inconvenient than the old meters – you’re not limited to the one you’re parked closest to. You just have to walk a bit further to the next operational robot. That does add even more to the “waste of time” aspect of a simple parking program, and also increases your likelihood of getting a ticket *while* trying to pay for the goddamn spot. And you wonder why our country is going down hill?

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