Hoboken Curves closing?

Got a tip that the Hoboken Curves may be closing due to lack of membership. While their local website is still up and running, they’re no longer listed as a current location on the main Curves company website.

If true, and as suggested in the photo below – maybe the tasty bakeries (Choc-o-Pain) and sweet-laden cafe’s (La Bouche) that surround the place were just too tempting for the plump ladies?

Perhaps 20 lb. “Cheese Danish Dumbbells” would be a better way to workout and stay in business?

is curves doomed in Hoboken NJ

Description: Health club – Fitness and weight loss for women
Address: 168 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 653-1100

Hoboken Curves circa January 2006


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I was interested in signing up here years ago, like in 2005 (long time ago) because of the basic set up, the fact that it was in one of my old neighborhoods, and so I didn’t have to deal with weirdo guys. The women working there were not interested in helping me sign up, sized me up like I wasn’t fat enough or something. I wasn’t there to lose weight, just work out. You know, exercise.

I said “thanks”, walked out of there, and joined Club H a very short time later.


Curves in Hoboken is not closing due to lack of membership. The franchise there is 10 years old and up for renewal. The corporation wanted a bigger cut of the pie than before and they were requiring the local owner to push their new diet plan instead of being there just for the workouts. The new agreement didn’t make sense for the local owner financially, so she decided to move on. Perhaps the reduced number of Curves locations that escaped68 noted is due to similar evaluations of terms by other local owners.


There was a time where these places were popping up all over and i never paid any attention to them. But after i saw this comment I looked around and they are all gone, it was a short life fad. Are there any of them anywhere?


I think the $10 memberships at Planet Fitness did this place in.


my old roommate used to go and liked it –low impact; if you want a little circuit training and a way to get your heart rate up…also if you’ve never worked out before, it’s a good starter gym