Watch out for Raw / Vegan diets!

Some diets are unsustainable fads – like 80/10/10!

So many things in the health and fitness world are undoubtedly either trendy and misunderstood, flashes in the pan, or unsustainable for any significant period of time. People wouldn’t “yo-yo” if that wasn’t the case.

The video below is just one example involving these people who get 80% of their nutrition from fruits. The 80 / 10 / 10 Diet. They end up looking malnourished and sickly. I believe that vegetarianism is more of a cult than an acceptable way of living. Trying to argue with one is pointless, so I don’t.

The low carb lifestyle for me – is not a short-term “plan” or diet – it’s what I believe is the only long-term healthy way of living, and it is how I’ll eat for the rest of my life.

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I think Raw/Vegans/Vegetarians are *half-full of it*. They have a choice about what they eat, hence their supposedly super-duper healthy and conscious lifestyle.

If they were lost in the middle of the woods somewhere for a long long time, I doubt they’d stick to eating just grass during their stay. Get hungry enough and you’ll eat a bird. Or a moose.



Perry, seriously – – with all due respect, you can’t judge benefits of a dietary lifestyle based on your pic above. Many factors dictate your physical appearance: GENES, skin care, just to name a few. The Vegan lady could have lived her life in the sun, never, ever applying sunblock. The woman on the right clearly “cares” more about her appearance: maybe she wears sunblock every day, maybe she’s wearing makeup (clearly the woman on the right is dressed up formally while the vegan is giving some interview).

I can’t completely disagree with your statement….but the picture is certainly very, very misleading.


I have a relative that both she and her husband are real strict vegans and they have a dog which they have on some sort of vegan dog diet. This is one nasty, pissed off, miserable mutt. If a dog follows a vegan diet and is out awful, what is this type of life style doing to a person??