Free Low Carb Business Idea in Hoboken

Low Carb businesses still needed in Hoboken!

Over five years ago, we published a “free low carb business idea” for Hoboken entrepreneurs. It’s apparent “low carb” is still not a viable business idea.

So crazy!

All these fat chicks heading over to their stupid yoga classes, looking like COWS still astounds me. None of those a-hole yoga instructors do ANYTHING to put these fatties in their place. NEVER.

“Hey, you fat pudgy woman back there, STOP EATING CROISSANTS AND INSTAGRAMMING YOUR FAT-INDUCING MEALS!” Is something that is NEVER SAID during a yoga class. That would be bad for business.

zero carb hoboken NJ


I have not copyrighted that name – so whoever wants to snag it – please do so. Check out our Zero Carb post for more information.

You will win. Like Donald Trump.

Open that business ASAP.

Serve ONLY animal products. MEAT. EGGS. DAIRY. That is it.

Anyone wanting Quinoa can shove it up their asses.

This business would do well. I myself would keep it alive.

But – continue your downward spiral. Fine with me. I think the world is over-populated as well.

Hoboken needs a dedicated low-carb food destination!

2/6/1012 Update:

OK, since I’m really busy with other things – I’ll share this great business idea, and anyone who can see it through can thank me later!

Hoboken needs a restaurant, deli, market – that is 100% dedicated to the low carbohydrate lifestyle.

Think about it for a minute. At each place you go, there are typically just a small handful of items that really qualify as acceptable low-carb dishes. A few at the Indian place. A few at the Italian place. A few at the Mexican place, and so on. On top of the limited selection, often times you’re stuck substituting and making other “hacks” to ordinary dishes. To boot, it takes forever to try and find the right things at the supermarket – where most of the store is wheat and sugar based.

Hoboken Low Carb Foods of the World business idea

Introducing: Low Carb Foods of the World!

My concept is a combination mini-market and sit-down deli that also delivers.

  • The prepared food section would have “the best low carb dishes of the world” all on a single menu. With different daily specials to keep things interesting.
  • The market section would have all the low-carb essentials. Packaged goods, snacks, supplements, cheeses, oils, dried meats, and everything else a dedicated low-carber would normally have to go all over the place to get.

I could go on and on, but that’s as simple as it gets. And whomever decides to start this business – should probably stay away from referencing trendy diet names, like Atkins or the Paleo Diet – because “living la vida low carb” is not a temporary flash in the pan, or what’s hot today – it’s truly a permanent way of life.

So when is the low-carb place opening?

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012 10:38 am

If someone wants to spot me a few hundred thousand dollars, I’ll give it a go!

Tho I wonder if there are enough low carber/paleo/etc. folks around to support such a thing.

Monday, February 6, 2012 12:17 pm

Great idea, but I’m afraid no one has the balls to start it. So we’re stuck doing it the hard way.

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