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1/9/2009 Update:

ClubKO, which recently expanded their 2nd floor of the 900 Madison Street location – just raised the bar once again! They added more new equipment, two large free weight sections and re-arranged the whole 2nd floor.


ClubKO gets better and better!

CKO Kickboxing has been a major presence in the Hoboken fitness scene for over 10 years now. The gym has grown and prospered because of the fantastic results their well-known classes produce. A lot of people who find themselves bored or frustrated with regular gym routines and classes have taken refuge at CKO, never to look back — which is how they got their tagline “Get Addicted”.

With the recent expansion of the 900 Madison Street location to include an additional 10,000 square feet of weight training and cardio equipment, CKO now offers everything the fitness enthusiast or beginner might need to get the workout they are looking for. CKO is the only gym in town to boast the complete line of Hammerstrength weight training equipment, as well as numerous treadmills, elliptical machines, stairmasters, bikes, free weights… you name it! But even with the expanded space and equipment, CKO has not raised their rates! CKO is a fantastic value, with access to their 12 locations , all of their classes and all of their equipment for the price of one membership.

CKO is currently offering two-for-one on the enrollment fee for their one year membership, so if you haven’t been in yet to check it out, call 201-963-7774, visit or stop by 900 Madison Street or 127 Grand Street in Hoboken.

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9/10/2008 Update:

Wow. I stopped by the 900 Madison St. location of Club KO today, and my goodness! They have the entire second floor dedicated to lifting!

Plus, they have good news for members of Empire Fitness who now have nowhere to workout.


Special offer for prior Empire members

Due to the unfortunate circumstances with Empire Fitness Clubs, Club KO is offering to waive their $99 enrollment fee for all Empire members. Just show your Empire contract or other proof of membership when you sign up to receive this special offer.

In addition, Club KO is proud to announce that they have expanded their 900 Madison Street location (above Shoprite) an additional 10,000 square feet for a total of 22,000 square feet of space. The new floor features cardio equipment and strength training equipment which is available along with their fitness kickboxing classes. Take your workout to a whole new level and stop by either of their Hoboken locations today.



Older Updates…

10/2/2007 Update:

Added an updated “Free Pass” to you try out Club KO today.

Click, print the pass and get started on the most “kick” ass workout in Hoboken!

Free Pass Club KO Hoboken.

Punching, kicking and sweating. 2 Hoboken locations.


Description – A variety of fitness kickboxing classes in a large studio
Services – Fitness kickboxing. Over 10,000 sq. ft. Over 100 bags, weight equipment, and a variety of boxing gear
Website –
Address – 127 Grand St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 963-7774
club KO 127 grand.JPG

Location 2:
Address – 900 Madison St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 963-7774
club KO 900.JPG

Here’s a testimonial from a female reader and a highly enthusiastic member of ClubKO. She was not always this emphatic about working out. Please use this as motivation for what the possibilities can be for you.

Pictures are from the 900 Madison St. location.

See below the review for links to the schedules, rate information and special offer for Hoboken411 readers.

Warning – there’s a good chance you body will change!

ClubKO is the ONLY gym that has kept me motivated to kick some ass and stay in shape. Don’t sell yourself short on taking just the kickboxing class, everyone should know that they offer private weight training sessions that give your body the ‘oomph’ it needs to look fantastic!

I have been going to ClubKO for almost 2 years, and have been taking private weight training for 1 year (1x/week). Had I not gone to this gym I’d truly be a cellulite queen by now. I’ll give you a breakdown of what they offer:

Kickboxing classes: offered at 2 locations at different times in the morning and evening, 7 days a week, so there’s always an opportunity to burn some calories. Each gym is equipped with bags – some soft, some knuckle-breaking hard. The 900 Madison joint is a larger space than the Grand location, so you’ll probably do more running, kicks and lunging around there. There are currently over 100 bags at the Madison St. location. The Grand location is smaller, and because of the way the bags are arranged it is difficult to see the instructor sometimes, therefore I recommend that newcomers take their first class at the Madison location until they get accustomed to the routine.

There are several instructors, all of whom are extremely energetic and experienced. Each instructor has a different approach: some do more bag work, some integrate weights, some incorporate lunging around the gym. Don’t stick with just one instructor because the variety you get from several instructors is beneficial to your body.

I must say, the MUSIC is a major motivator and they JAM to all types: rock, hip hop, club, dance and techno. Again, each instructor has their own taste and you’ll find out soon enough who plays the music that makes you want to SMACK DOWN!

Each class is one hour, and if you’re not dripping sweat within 20 minutes then you’re not working hard enough. You get out of it what you put into it. What really aggravates me are those wimpy chicks who barely hit the bag. I think to myself, what are you paying for? For god’s sake – hit the DAMN BAG like it’s some mugger! Forget the make up and the nice hair — you’re there to kick some butt. (Hoboken411 note: There are over 1500 members there, most who attend regularly. She just wants to see everyone as motivated as her, but may not realize not everyone has been going for 2 years. ClubKO has a better member retention rate than most gyms. The instructors will eventually get those girls to hit harder. Some take longer than others.)

The workout will get every part of your body: arms, thighs, calves, gluts, abs, and even that tiny muscle in your pinky toe. Every part. If it’s your first time, I guarantee you will be SORE for the first two days — don’t let that stop you from coming. It’ll get better after that. Overall, the classes are great and you’ll leave the gym with a red face and wet clothes every time.

Don’t just stop at kickboxing. ClubKO offers private training as well. I strongly suggest you try it because it’s the ‘icing on the cake’ when it comes to getting your body in shape. Again, a variety of trainers that help you with monitoring your body fat, diet, and a workout that right for you. Go once per week and you’ll never look back!

If you are one of those people that have been slacking off for months (and we all do!) and suddenly there’s a special event or summer’s just around the corner, then strongly consider the 10-week Program. If you need/want to lose some body fat real fast, this is the bomb. It’s no joke, though, you have to commit to the Program. You’ll have a food plan (lots of protein) and a certain level of exercise during the week in order to see the results you crave.

But that goes for anyone who wants to get in shape or stay in shape. You can’t do it by diet alone, or by exercise alone. You have to combine the two to in order to be physically fit and feel fantastic.

I can’t say enough good things about this place. I have been to other gyms, I’ve tried running on my own, I’ve bought tapes for in-home exercise – and they are all temporary motivators. NOTHING has worked like the programs at ClubKO. And for those newcomers who are a little shy about their bodies – we all start there, ok? I PROMISE you this: if you put forth your hardest effort 3+ times per week, plus alter your eating habits if they’re not so great, you will notice a change in your physique WITHIN 4 WEEKS. And that, my dear, is the best feeling and the ultimate motivator to get healthy.

Try it. Try harder. It works.

Link to Madison Street Schedule.
Link to Grand Street Schedule.

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Its a Low Budget gym with Low Budget service. It’s often dirty, there’s no variety in classes, the hours aren’t great (which is why I have a 2nd membership at Planet Fitness) and the same signs that read: “please excuse our appearance while renovating” have been hanging up there for the 18+ months that I’ve been a member but I’ve let those things slide because it served my purpose at the time I joined. 1) Let me first say that the classes/workouts do kick ur butt & the instructors are great- dont have any complaints there. 2) The Management sucks and is non-responsive. I’m moving to California & specifically asked about the cancellation policy when renewing my membership & was given a “half-*ssed” answer by front desk staff that were only interested in the renewal -shocker- & now after having paid up front for the yr. at the most expensive location(s) mind you- I’m being advised that the ONLY valid acceptable documentation is a utility bill- not a driver’s license which would be a LEGAL GOVERNMENT document, but a utility bill for a landline phone, or electric/cable bill etc. Which I’m happy to supply once I’ve relocated and having my living situation sorted out (temporary corporate housing for two months,) given that my refund be effective from the time that I leave NY/NJ area (end of June) for California (and stop using their facilities.) Club KO is refusing to do so by throwing my “signed contract” in my face- which… Read more »
Having been a member of each at one time or another, Club H and NYSC would pretty much tell you the same thing. You’re moving on short notice, these things happen when you do that so suck it up. It’s not like it’s thousands of dollars. You should have read the contract on the yearly membership and if that didn’t work for you, you should have done month-to-month since you knew you might be relocating. How would you like it if they called all the gyms where you’re moving to and told them to think twice about letting you join because your one of THOSE people who don’t read the contract and gets upset later on if they want out?[quote comment=”193873″]Its a Low Budget gym with Low Budget service. It’s often dirty, there’s no variety in classes, the hours aren’t great (which is why I have a 2nd membership at Planet Fitness) and the same signs that read: “please excuse our appearance while renovating” have been hanging up there for the 18+ months that I’ve been a member but I’ve let those things slide because it served my purpose at the time I joined.1) Let me first say that the classes/workouts do kick ur butt & the instructors are great- dont have any complaints there.2) The Management sucks and is non-responsive. I’m moving to California & specifically asked about the cancellation policy when renewing my membership & was given a “half-*ssed” answer by front desk staff that were only interested… Read more »

David I think you are out of your element. Boxing punching and kickboxing technique is very different. MMA style striking is even more different. The stances and styles are very different. It also takes a long time and a lot pratice to get your striking where you want it. Hang in there buddy keep learning every day. I fight MMA and take Jose’s classes for conditioning. The workout is outstanding conditioning. Way better then team Endgame’s conditioning class. Team Endgame has great groundwork.

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This is great to know. Thanks for sharing. I was thinking of contacting Tina about the membership since it only lasts ’til August and I’ve taken up Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Self-Defense before.

I really like all of it. It’s just not the most affordable option, right now. At least not in Hoboken so much.


Hi all,
I’m looking to SELL/TRANSFER my Club KO membership in Hoboken. I’ve spoken with the gym, and this can be done for a $75 transfer fee (cheaper than their basic enrollment fee). The membership is $77/month through August 2010, via monthly payments. It’s a great deal because you don’t have to commit to a full year, just carry out the term of my contract, and then you will have the option to renew. The membership grants you full access to both the Madison/9th St. and Grand/2nd St. locations in Hoboken. The classes are great, I just can’t really afford it.

If interested, please email me at smithers.tina (at) gmail (dot) com. We would need to go to the Madison/9th St. location together to get the membership transferred over.


[quote comment=”127959″]have you actually taken a class or just know a few friends who go here? this is NOT cardio kickboxing. you hit a real bag–that equals resistance mind you and is the single most important difference between cardio kickboxing and this. you do things like squats (more resistance), sprawls (yet more), push ups (even more), 10-15 minutes of abs (muscle or cardio here? both?!?), work with weights (in the class and yup you guessed it–more resistance). they have different styles of bags which can in essence give you a way to increase the resistance by hitting a heavier or firmer bag. the beauty of this gym is that you can go at your own intensity and your own pace when needed. you try to keep up with the instructor 100% but if you can not, you slow up or hit softer until you get your wind or whatever. each instructor is unique and each varies their own workouts so it never gets boring (a big concern before i joined). can you “bulk up” in these classes–obviously not. but do you need to lift weights to build muscle outside of the classes–absolutely not. unless perhaps if you are already in top physical condition in which case you are probably not asking these types of questions on an internet blog ;)[/quote] i disagree, the class is more cardio and calorie burning–i’ve taken a couple classes at KO and taken other classes at Club H (cardio kickboxing) for a long time. squats… Read more »