Urban Nesters

Doomed as of September 2014. They claim to be coming back to some other location, but aren’t too straightforward about it.

Urban Nesters now open in Hoboken, NJ


In case you were wondering – home decor store Urban Nesters (706 Washington St.) is now open.

Keep in mind it’s best to call to confirm someone is in the store – as they’re frequently out at client sites. (201)942-9333 is their number.

Urban Nesters Coming Soon to Hoboken, NJ


Taking place of the temporary Tribal Home pop-up store at 706 Washington Street (which we already knew was on the way out last year) is: Urban Nesters.

Based on the name, anyone with half a brain should have a good idea of what kind of things they’ll be selling here.

Urban Nesters Owner A.A. El-Kammass told Hoboken411 all about the wide range of products (and custom services) they’ll offer Hoboken’s 50,000 residents. Sounds really unique and exciting actually. Fun stuff on the way – hopefully by the end of February!

However, he requested that we keep it under wraps for a couple weeks until they’re closer to opening – and I choose to respect that. What he did want to pass on was “We’ll have something for everyone here!” If you really want to know that badly, just stop me on the street if you see Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar out and about.

Interesting tidbit, though. Kammass has had two previous versions of this store – one over in the middle of the affluent Hamptons, and later on up in Sullivan County, NY. But all the fracking going on in upstate New York kind of led him to this point. Crazy, eh?

Kammass lives now lives with his wife in Uptown Hoboken – and cannot wait to show his goods off to all of the mile square!

Urban Nesters Hoboken NJ 706 Washington Street - Urban Nesters

Description: Stuff for Urban Nesters.
Address: 706 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: www.urbannesters.com
Phone: 201-942-9333

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