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Club H Fitness becomes Crunch Gym

Crunch Fitness Hoboken NJ old Club H - Crunch Gym

As we told you back in May of this year, Club H Fitness was going through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy issues. Well, that seems to have come to fruition. Now – Crunch Gym is evidently going to be the “new” operator of this fitness spot.

Below is the letter sent out to members yesterday.

Farewell, Club H – and best wishes – and good luck to Crunch!

Club H Fitness Hoboken NJ to become Crunch - Crunch Gym

Club H Fitness files for bankruptcy in Hoboken, NJ

5/20/2013 Update:
Did you know that Club H Fitness recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?

Club H Fitness Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Hoboken NJ - Crunch Gym

Chapter 11 for Club H Fitness – what’s in store for future?

Hoboken411 reader Adam clued us into this, and wanted current and future members as well as the general public to know about it, “so they can make an educated decision about joining this facility. I am a previous member who left due to severe maintenance issues and general poor housekeeping,” he said.

The document that Club H Fitness filed lists business assets at between $1 and $10 million dollars, and outstanding debt obligations at between $1 and $10 million dollars as well. You can see the list of over 175 businesses and individuals they owe money to here.

According to other documents reviewed by Hoboken411 – it also appears that Club H is trying to get back over $125,000 in rent they paid their landlord. At least that is how I understood the court papers. Apparently bankruptcy law allows this? But the landlords (“Block A South Waterfront Development, LLC”) are trying to prevent it.

In case you were wondering – Club H’s rent was a staggering $36,000 per month in this building. That fee comprised of $18,645 for base rent, $450 for storage, $3,548 for operating expenses, $2,528 for real estate taxes, $2,375 for electricity, $1,063 for water condenser charges, and $8,000 per month for parking. Crazy, right? Now you wonder why all most gyms have those ridiculous “sign up” fees.

The latest documents indicate a hearing will take place on June 3, 2013 at 10am down at the United States Bankruptcy Court in Newark, New Jersey.

Will they rebound afterward? Or is this curtains for Club H?

Club H Bankruptcy Hoboken NJ - Crunch Gym

Club H Fitness – 110 Sinatra Drive – Hoboken, NJ

Club H - Crunch Gym

Description:Health Club, Gym Fitness center offering cardio, strength training, group fitness, Yoga, Pilates, spinning, personal training, nutrition counseling, basketball, day spa, boxing, steam, sauna, café, proshop, childcare, and parking.
Address: 110 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 656-9989

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I’m excited about this. I really hope the staff and trainers remain. After Empire shut I have been a member for around 6 years. I really like it there and seeing the morning faithful every morning.

Now when I walk in I can ask rhetorically and out loud; “Did we come to work out?” Yes, we came to work out!” *

*Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder Paperback by Samuel W. Fussell


Looks like their web host got wind of the bankruptcy and took the Club H site offline.


I think it might have been easier to list the companies they DON’T owe money to!!!!

This is the problem with Bankruptcy in this country. You can run up outrageous bills knowing full well his own company can never (or will never) reimburse the companies providing them products/services (many of them small business’s)
You see companies on this list from Business Card/Printing companies to Security/Video installers who will never see a dime from the owner who is a real snake. I am sure he was sucking out a fat LLC distribution for many years while promising these companies they would eventually get paid. Now he gets a clean slate and remains open debt free as he reorganizes under Chapter 11 protection.
Oh and just as an additional kick in the ass in case anyone doesn’t understand how bankruptcy works… anyone who was paid 90 days prior to this filing date is responsible for paying all monies back to the court and they decide how to divvy up the money to the list of creditors (after the lawyers take their 1/3 of course) ALL MONIES.. Not profit on the monies but ALL OF IT! The most unfair law in the land.

Hoboken Teach
Hoboken Teach

The quality of the gym is still pretty high. I am still a member. There are a few minor areas they’ve let slip, but overall I am still happy with the quality. The facility is nice and they do a pretty good job maintaining it. Planet Fitness seems to have taken much of theirs and HAC’s business. It’s hard to argue with $10 a month. The facility at PF is also nicer than you’d expect for $10.


This place has steadily deteriorated over the years…old machines & when they break take forever to get fixed. Sauna hasn’t been in operation for 2 years. Weight racks broken & not getting fixed…ownership hasn’t put any improvements in the place in years. Swapped some cardio machines in when the other Club H’s closed….thats about it.