BoomCoups Kaboom? Doomed?

Hoboken BoomCoups stiffing (the few) customers they had?

Last year – some “junk mail” fliers found their way into mailboxes all over Hoboken. Advertising a “hot,” new coupon site called BoomCoups just for the Hoboken area.

After Hoboken411 took a look at their marketing material, online property, the “daily deal” industry in general – it was absolutely clear this was going to fail, and wasn’t worth my time or effort promoting – straight to the trash bin. That this company was way too late to the party. No good booze, all the good appetizers were gone, and they just thought that they could copy other successful models way after the fact.

BoomCoups seems doomed to us!

Well, my presumptions looked spot on – as they amassed less than six unique deals – and haven’t updated in nearly half a year. Here’s what Hoboken411 reader Kristen has to say about how she got ripped off:

“I’ve recently had an issue with the company “BoomCoups” that advertises itself as the Living Social / Groupon for Hoboken.

I bought a $49 coupon for Emanuel’s Salon, but when I went to make an appointment, the owner of Emanuel’s “claimed” that Boomcoups has not paid them and therefore they’re not accepting any coupons from them. I tired reaching out to Boomcoups via their website to get a refund, but no response after two weeks and there is no phone number listed. While there website seems to still be in operation, there hasn’t been a new deal posted since Sept. 29, no post on their facebook page since Aug. 2 and nothing on their twitter feed since Sept. 21.

Hoping to get the word out to other hoboken residents via hoboken411 that might have run into an issue with this company as well … I’m assuming they just went out of business and failed to provide refunds to customers when doing so.”

Warning to local businesses – AVOID ADVERTISING STARTUPS!

For starters, I feel bad for any Hoboken business in town that wastes thousands of dollars with any print publication. Just because you can “touch” the ad – doesn’t mean actual customer eyeballs see them.

But there are other concerns about new companies that claim they’re the next best thing..

  • Why (and how) do businesses get led astray by these “start up” companies with some operating capital and a big talk? Why not deal with viable long-time entities that have thrived where others have come and gone?
  • When you’re a follower – you’ve already entered a diluted market, and your chances for survival are weak. Go with the people and companies that had the original idea in the first place!
  • The businesses that sign up to these bogus sites – MUST honor the coupon, whether they were paid or not. Something fishy about Emanuel’s not accepting the deal, no?

Finally – anyone can write a sales pitch promising the world. Take a look at what BoomCoups claimed they were all about. Makes you sick to your stomach that anyone can believe this BS and open their wallets.

(Hoboken411 deconstructs the below sales pitch in BOLD/Italic.)

The BoomCoups “Mission Statement” Dissected

“Boomcoups is a collective buying social media platform and your source for the hottest deals on the best stuff to do in your city. We promote an exclusive deal from local businesses looking to attract customers that result in a win-win for everyone.”

  • How is selling stuff below cost at an average place a win?

“We do this by combining the power of social media, collective buying and a guaranteed form of advertising without out-of-pocket costs.”

  • I call BS – selling below cost is also out of pocket – just on the back end. Don’t be fooled by sales pitches!

“What sets us apart?”

  • Not much – you’ve joined a growing crew of doomed Hoboken businesses.

“Well, for starters, our passion!”

  • It seems you guys had the passion of someone at the morgue.

“For our members, for our partners, for our community, and for creating great deals that put them all together. By partnering with the best local and national businesses, we’re able to craft win-win deals that bring customers through their doors while delivering exclusive offers to consumers. Simply great deals to great spots at great prices.”

  • The deals are rarely, if ever a “win” for the businesses. About the only thing a (successfully run) group deal can provide a local biz – is operating cash flow. And much of the time, that means they’re already on shaky ground! Take a look at their list of businesses! The Tanning Salon is gone, the Hummus place is for sale, and god knows what else! Be aware!

“Boomcoups brings you the best from the overwhelming amount of cool stuff to do in your city.”

  • Yeah, like we couldn’t have survived without the myriad of kickboxing, tanning, and falafel places already all over Hoboken. Thank the lord almighty, boomcoups!

“Often, with so many choices, we just stick to the familiar and miss the many exciting options that are available.”

  • See above. Without Boomcoups, absolutely NO ONE would have EVER known we had falafel, tanning and kickboxing in this crazy city. You opened our eyes, thank you so much!

“Boomcoups by focusing on just one great deal at a great price everyday lets you feel comfortable about going out and trying something new without breaking the bank.”

  • Are we that sheltered that normal everyday stuff is considered “something new?” It’s not like they were selling skydiving lessons, honest politicians or fancy ethnic food that doesn’t give you the runs!

“Also by purchasing from local businesses, consumers can feel good about helping their city to prosper.”

  • Watching local business take a loss from dopey coupons doesn’t make me feel good, nor does it help the city prosper. Nice try, though.

“The Boomcoups team prides itself on delivering handpicked deals to the best things to do, see and get in each city. In fact, we make sure to fill our site with deals that we can’t wait to buy ourselves, and that we’ll definitely be passing along to all our friends and family members. That’s why we’re pretty sure you’ll love them too and we hope you find yourself spreading the word to everyone you know! And, since we’re all about you, we always want to hear from you. The good and the bad. As our thanks for your time, we promise to listen.”

  • Well – maybe this is the reason why BoomCoups is now DoomCoups. Perhaps they blew all their cash on Hummus and tanning? I can bet one thing they did NOT listen to – their gut instinct that this proposition was doomed from the get go.

Were you ripped off by BoomCoups?

How many of you lost cash money on this fly-by-night operation? From the approximately $7,000 they “sold,” I wonder how much was actually given to the business owners (besides the “partners” in the scheme).

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I too lost money to Boomcoups! Bought the 5 LA Boxing classes for $25 dollars… and nevr received anything. I tried to email them through the site, and no response. They list no number. Would have liked to still try and use the deal, but they sent no verification that I actually bought the deal – even though it showed up on my bank statement.

Boken Pug
Boken Pug

Really? A simple Whois search says that those coupons should have been the easiest to redeem. [quote comment=”213730″]I too lost money to Boomcoups! Bought the 5 LA Boxing classes for $25 dollars… and nevr received anything. I tried to email them through the site, and no response. They list no number. Would have liked to still try and use the deal, but they sent no verification that I actually bought the deal – even though it showed up on my bank statement.[/quote]


There’s a sucker born every minute.