Low carb revolution gaining steam in Hoboken

CKO Trainer adding winners to low-carb tribe in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken411 belongs to ClubKO gyms in Hoboken – and uses the Madison St. location behind the Shop Rite to enhance my physical fitness (beyond the low carb life) when the schedule permits. And one of my confidants who works there is Adrian – an awesome and positively uplifting guy in general – and we often trade tips & tricks about diet & nutrition.

He was always “in shape” so to say – but needed to get to the next level. He was convinced by Mike & Krisitie, who run the Body Transformation Experiment (low carb living + intense physical training) to adjust his diet profoundly (i.e., eliminate sugars, increase fat consumption, cap protein) – and he already lost around 15lbs off his fit frame to reach that next level in a relatively short time frame.

Swing up there (9th & Madison) and talk to him if you want first hand information about how insanely simple & easy it is to shed those unwanted pounds, and live a healthier life.

PS – Good luck to Mike & Kristie – who, along with 10 other members headed off to Costa Rica yesterday for their three-week “Reboot Camp.” Intense physical fitness, plus (some) relaxation in an awesome tropical locale. Inquire to find out when the next retreat is!

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