The Almighty Egg

Eggs are No. 1 for low carb lifestyles!

Even though the whole cholesterol myth (i.e., “bacon and eggs are bad”) has been debunked to smithereens, some folks are still afraid of this most wonderful food source: The Almighty Egg, a must have when living the low carb life.

It’s a great all purpose food (omelettes, sauces) and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Equally important – is having hard-boiled eggs in your refrigerator at all times! Not just for low carb snacking, either. Try just one or two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast (with lots of salt), and see how long you can go before you’re hungry again. Often 10 hours or more. Amazing.

You have to almost walk to the furthest point away from the front door at the Hoboken Shoprite to find the eggs. My favorite are the pre-boiled and pre-peeled ones. Just $3 a dozen, and worth it for the convenience factor alone.

I do feel a bit bad for the lumbering tubbies out there who already got diabetes. Just count your blessings that you didn’t get a heart attack and die!

Eggs are essential in a low carb lifestyle - The Almighty Egg

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 4:59 pm

Pre hard boiled eggs yucko! Preservatives? If you are not good at boiling eggs which i fully admit to not being good at. There are gizmos that you put the eggs in with a little water underneath and you get perfect boiled eggs every time. Think it fits 6 eggs at a time and takes a few minutes.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 2:44 pm

Kept right next to the “pancake-batter-in-an-aerosol-can”. Seems about right.

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