Waterfront Park open in Weehawken

9/27/2007 Update:

weehawken-waterfront-park-sm.jpgHad a chance to swing by the new Waterfront Park in Weehawken yesterday. Quite nice! However, it’s less of an “open park” and more of a “recreational facility”.

The park supervisor told me the following:
Playing on any of the fields requires a permit from Weehawken Town Hall. You do not need to be a resident there to request a permit. The Artificial Surface baseball/softball field can be used now, but the natural grass field needs a few months for the sod to “settle”. Tennis courts also require a permit. Naturally, as part of the agreement with Stevens, they get to use the main field as well (see pics of the Lacrosse team in action after the jump).

Phase two will begin in the spring, completing the rest of the park, with a bridge connecting the south side, a swimming pool and I believe a dog run as well. Roseland Property will also begin development of the luxury condos that will be the centerpiece of this park.

Oscar loved it. He found a lacrosse ball which is now his new favorite toy. See more pics after the break.



9/25/2007 Update:

A really nice park has finally opened up right across the bridge in neighboring Weehawken. They have good celebrity accidents, and now a park that puts any Hoboken waterfront park to SHAME.

Charles Hack from the Journal said this:

“A new waterfront park was officially opened in Weehawken today, a $14 million, 10.5-acre recreation area in the Port Imperial development on River Road.

At the center of the park, designed by landscape architects Kim Mathews of Mathews Nielsen, is an artificial-turf ball field marked out for soccer and football, surrounded by a six-lane running track.”


“It also has two softball fields, one of which has artificial turf and the other grass.

It also has three tennis courts, a golf putting green, fitness equipment, an amphitheater built for up to 200 people, and recreational equipment for children.

Most of the cost was paid by the Roseland Property Group, which put up the money as part of a “give back” for developing the residential and commercial Port Imperial South, said Carl Goldberg, the managing partner of Roseland.

Use of the space will be shared by Weehawken, its schools and Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.

The second phase of the park will include a swimming pool, a skating rink, and a kayak launch, officials said.”

Read the rest how readers were miffed Stevens had to go outside city limits for recreation space after the jump.


Here’s a reader who’s miffed that Hoboken’s own prestigious college had to go out of town for “open space”.. great job City of Hoboken!


I saw this story in the Jerky this morning and my blood is boiling!!! Stevens had to go outside the City of Hoboken to find some extra field time for their students!!!! Since we have no extra space of any kind, Weehawken reaps the benefits.

In exchange for the occasional use of the Weehawken fields and track, their residents receive use of the Stevens facilities and 10 full time scholarships for the next 5 years!!! Worth over $34,000/year each! Unbelievable!

Hoboken students currently receive two full time scholarships which I believe began with the Stevens Family over a hundred years ago. But we could be getting so much more. Not to mention our previously promised yet non existent ice rink.

What a missed opportunity all around. Does Weehawken have better negotiators?


A fan

Stevens institue hoboken weehawken agreement july 2007

Stevens and Weehawken sign joint facility usage agreement
Athletic, recreational and educational agreement will benefit both communities

HOBOKEN , N.J. — Stevens Institute of Technology President Harold J. Raveche and Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner signed a joint agreement that will provide educational, athletic and recreational opportunities to both communities. The agreement was signed on June 19 at the Lawrence T. Babbio Center on the Stevens campus.

Through this partnership, Stevens will be providing 10 four-year full tuition scholarships over the next five years to qualifying Weehawken High School students entering Stevens. Weehawken residents will have the ability to enjoy the recreational and athletic activities provided at the Stevens campus. This partnership will provide Weehawken residents with use of the Stevens lap pool, fitness and weight training center, as well as athletic clinics sponsored by Stevens. Weehawken students and teachers also will benefit from the opportunity to participate in academic programs at Stevens, use of the Stevens library, and scholarships from Stevens. In addition, faculty from Stevens will assist in Weehawken ’s science and technology activities.

This partnership will provide Stevens’ students with the use of the new Weehawken Recreation Center and Waterfront Park . When not in use by Weehawken students and residents, Stevens athletic teams including track and field, lacrosse, soccer, softball, baseball and field hockey teams will now be able to make use of this facility for both practice and intercollegiate competition.

“The township is excited to be entering into this agreement with Stevens. Our town’s residents, students and teachers look forward to enjoying all that Stevens has to offer,” said Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner.

Harold J. Raveche, President of Stevens, stated, “The Township of Weehawken has done an excellent job constructing their waterfront park. The entire Stevens community is pleased to work with the township to enhance the Stevens athletic program.”

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Wait until it sinks into the water like our water front walkway. Do the issue gas masks to the people who jog by the Lincoln Tunnel exhaust vents?


[quote comment=”45807″]Wait… so you can’t just go there and play tennis, you have to go to Weehawken City Hall first to get a permit? Is this just something silly that they have to say for insurance purposes? Or am I misunderstanding?[/quote]

NYC has the same rule.


[quote comment=”45793″]wow, who’s the hottie in the yellow pants with the tight rack? nice![/quote]

Looks like Oscar is earning his keep, eh 411?


no DOG run???


Do you see the blgs in the background , they are the vent blgs from the lincoln tunnel . Do you realize the amount of pollution that comes out of them, its pure carbom monoxide vent from all three tubes ,it goes out of the vents on the roof and mushrooms out and down on any and all in the park. If anyone tells you there is no danger they are full of shit.There are no filters and any type of cleaning its pure cancer causing agents.