Neyra Leather & Alterations

Please be advised that Neyra Leather and Alterations has moved to 116 Park Avenue East Rutherford Nj 201 804 0004.

Was a leather & alterations store and a professional tailor.

They’re closing shop on the 29th (not the 19th, they have a new sign now).


Description – Leather & Alterations store
Services – Leather & Suede Repair, New Linings & Zippers, Jacket Reproduction, Conditioning, Custom-Made & Ready-Made Items For Sale, Alterations -Men’s & Women’s Suits, Dresses, Wedding Dresses, etc.
Address – 1204 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5444
Telephone – (201) 795-4964, Fax – (201) 330-1043

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They moved to E Rutherford. I believe the owner said the rent was too much. He made really nice coats. Too bad.