NYC Skyline Shaping Up!

The new southern NYC Skyline is impressive from Hoboken

Took this photo the other day from Pier A Park in Hoboken. That New World Trade Center is coming along nicely – and will soon be set to be the tallest building in the entire universe!

(Not true actually – other countries with lesser development “rules” are doing better at crushing “American Ingenuity” with simple capitalistic-friendly methodology.. but what can you do?)

Click to see full size image…

The New World Trade Center Video

Below is a cool promotional video for the New World Trade Center.

Slick production, and includes lots of CGI animation. I wonder if all the “time lapses” of the construction are real, or are some re-created digitally. Computer animations have gotten so real these days, it’s hard to tell what’s genuine anymore.

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What “rules” are preventing the new 1 WTC from being taller? It was decided to honor the original towers by constructing the roof to the same 1,368′ height as the old 1WTC and extend the spire to 1,776′ in honor of the birth of our nation.