Would you Occupy Hoboken Graffiti?

Graffiti in Hoboken sucks – but no one “Occupies” that! WTF?

Remember back in the day, you’d hear quite a bit about that crime-fighting group the Guardian Angels?”

What ever happened to them, and their outspoken leader Curtis Sliwa? It was a big news-maker a long time ago, but they get hardly any traction any more!

Nowadays, we hear more about large masses of indoctrinated idiots protesting things like capitalism and our beautiful constitution, (while engaging in criminal activities themselves) – rather that civic-minded individuals fighting for the rights of American citizens and quality of life in the cities we call home.

While this photo of some random graffiti uptown on Washington Street is by no means a direct threat to anyone’s well-being – the unraveling of a community always starts somewhere. And when our pristine city becomes neglected, overlooked (you know – people are busy updating Facebook!), along with other distracting self-serving interests disconnecting our society in general – it makes one wonder “where are we going, and why?”

And while we’re at it – how come those against the drunk mayhem that happens each Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Parade don’t “Occupy” that day either?

It’s obvious that collectively as a society – our “Occupy” protests actually stink – and aren’t actually real grass-roots movements to begin with (not just food for thought, just look beneath the layers to find the solution…)

Occupy Hoboken NJ Graffiti

(PS – some of you might not get what I’m trying to say – but I want to thank the hundreds of readers who’ve sent private emails to Hoboken411 – who “get it,” and are on the same page. Yes, we seem to be outnumbered, but I sense the movement growing in a slow, but steady manner. Have faith, please!)

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 5:23 pm

Are you lumping in anyone who thinks Wall Street is greedy and corrupt with the “extremists” in Occupy Wall Street? Because it sure sounds that way. And that’s not really fair.

Anyway, I’m not surprised that the south end of Hoboken (Observer) is being “tagged” more and more, due to it’s already sad state (its one of the worst “entrances” to a decent city on the East Coast). However, I’m starting to notice graffiti in the Shipyards and Maxwell Place, which is pretty ridiculous considering it’s usually clean and well kept in that area. Perhaps we need to add back some of the police force that was cut last summer.

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