Reporter Roundup – 7/29/2007

hoboken-reporter-letters-to-the-editor.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are a couple highlights from the 7/29/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Cover Stories

Is Hoboken ready for Hurricanes?

Up to now Mayor Roberts’ answer to questions about post-9/11 and Hurricane Katrina emergency preparedness has been to arrange photo opportunities like the sausage fest on the front page of the Reporter last year as Roberts and his directors posed over a map. During the campaign season when Beth Mason brought up the lack of emergency evacuation plans and Dawn Zimmer warned the 4th ward could look like New Orleans after Katrina, some said they were being alarmist.

Now the Reporter says studies show parts of Hoboken will be under two stories of water when a major hurricane hits. Nearly six years after 9/11 the city is now moving closer to publishing evacuation plans, and possibly installing emergency public address and/or reverse-911 systems.

“New Vision” for schools

The front page also includes a detailed report on last week’s school board meeting, including a picture of newly appointed Hoboken High School Principal Lorraine Cella.


Page 3: City Council Meeting

Under the headline “Change of heart on legal contract”. The Reporter recaps this week’s bizarre City Council meeting. The article focuses on the RFQ’s for Professional Services. Public outrage about the Church Square Park Astroturf is included as a “brief” on page 15.

Page 4: Briefs Begin

This is where the reporter covers the suicide at 5MVP, updates the investigation of attempted voter fraud in the 5th ward, notes the latest voter fraud charges filed by former 4th ward councilman Chris Campos against Dawn Zimmer and the HCDO, and briefly mentions Hoboken University Medical Center has begun boring for soil samples for a new emergency room.

Page 5: Hoboken’s Musical Heritage

Nice article about the Hoboken Historical Museum’s new exhibit on music and musicians from the Mile Square City. Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Roselli, and Blind Tom are noted, along with shows at Club Zanzibar and Maxwells.

Page 7: Hate those Temporary No Parking signs

In a move much like the “Reader Mail” items regularly posted here on Hoboken411, the Reporter lets a reader recount his experience dealing with those $%^#! Temporary “No Parking” signs. The writer tells us about finding his car missing and going to court. The reader was eventually miffed to realize the editor took out some of his references (as not to disparage City employees), and sent Hoboken411 the original letter for readers to see.

Page 8: Police Beat

In addition to the alleged bias attack at The Cage and the arrest of a Union City resident that allegedly tried to steal $80 worth of Transformers toys from the ShopRite, there was a very disturbing story of a mugging on River Street.

The Reporter says a 42-year-old Hoboken woman was walking in the area of 300 River at 11:24pm last Sunday when she was attacked from behind. The mugger punched her repeatedly, knocking three teeth out before taking a tiger print bag and a Hello Kitty wallet. Anyone who has information about this horrible crime is asked to call Hoboken PD at (201) 420-2110.

edgardo-alfonzo-ducks.jpgPage 22: Fonzie Stages a Comeback

I often skip past the middle pages with the cheesy paid-for articles about how great some developers’ slow-selling condo project is, along with the finance, health and sports features. However, this week Jim Hague’s Scoreboard caught my eye with a feature on former New York Met All-Star Edgardo Alfonzo.

At 34 Fonzie is trying to get back into the big leagues. Hague tells us how he’s playing for the independent minor league Long Island Ducks. It’s hard not to root for the guy, even if his quest is probably doomed.

A similar article was in the NY Post back in early July.

Page 50: 7 Letters To The Editor

Mayor Roberts expands on his case for Astroturf at Church Square Park, and again tries to convince us he is doing a great job. This letter is longer than the one he sent to Hoboken411, and also corrects some improper word usage. Not to be outdone, activists Cheryl Fallick and Mary Ondrejka have a letter attacking the Mayor for destroying CSP and urging outraged people to attend the August 8th City Council meeting.

“Anonymous” also complains about the conditions at “the only two true middle-income high-rise buildings in Hoboken.” Though the writer never names the building, he or she is talking about Grogan Marine View Plaza. Apparently the rent is going up and the kitchen renovations use the “cheapest materials available.”

Writer “R.M.” complains about Chris Campos and Jerry McCann’s quest to remove Dawn Zimmer from office. Ruben Ramos writes a letter calling on NJ Transit to help fix the flooding, and Paul Corrigan calls for a new smoking ordinance. Sylvia Schwartz also enjoyed “Shakespeare in The Park”.

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We haven’t gotten a paper since July 8th edition. Anyone else in the Russo Civic association area also not getting them?


the reporter isn’t just refering to this “now”, they have been trying to get people to pay attention for a while i’ve noticed. i remember reading this article below and wondering why no one was talking about it

an election finally brought more attention to these issues and im glad. when you miss the print newspapers and what they are doing (and now 411) you miss a lot, at least this weekend’s story showed that they are finally doing something to protect us, it may never happen but why not be prpared?

and YES there is a diff between alarmism and being safe in general…

good rundown

strand tramp
strand tramp

i wonder if the President will be blamed for a 2story flood in hoboken like he was in New Orleans?


Remember before the elections when Dawn Zimmer asked the same questions about Hoboken’s plans for a Katrina like storm.

A pro-Campos person wrote a letter saying it was all just politics and Campos was sying that will never happen.”

After a small thing like the water main break was such a breakdown in communications for Hoboken what would a major storm bring?

I think we all better have our own plans in place because the people in charge have proven not to be trustworthy.

strand tramp
strand tramp

please tell me i’m not the only person who noticed the irony of the Reporter Letters page yesterday; on the left the page begins with a 5 paragraph from Roberts claiming the schools are responsible for the astro-turf…on the facing page there is a developer’s full page ad with the headline “Green is Good” ha ha ha ha ha!! how rich is that?