TRUE Mentors 1st Anniversary Party

TRUE Mentors Celebrates Its First Anniversary

To Host Party at Hoboken Boys and Girls Club

On Saturday, January 28th, TRUE Mentors, Hoboken’s only one-to-one mentoring program which matches children ages 7 – 17 with caring mentors, is celebrating its one-year anniversary in service.

TRUE Mentors’ mission is to unearth the potential of children through relationships. In its first year, TRUE Mentors has supported over 80 children by either matching them with a mentor and/or supporting their efforts to learn and grow with weekly classes and a variety of events throughout Hoboken.

As part of this, TRUE Mentors will celebrate its first anniversary at the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club which is sponsored by The Andy Foundation.

“So many people all over our community have given their time, talents and resources to helping make this first year such a success for TRUE Mentors. I am honored to be part of this amazing group of people” said Susi Tully, Executive Director of TRUE Mentors. ”It is my hope that we have laid the foundation upon which we can continue to build toward success for years to come.”

The first anniversary party which is being held at the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club from 3pm to 6pm is located at 123 Jefferson Street. The Andy Foundation is based in Long Island has a motto of “By Kids – For Kids” and a mission which is to give all children regardless of race, religion, or social and economic status a chance for a healthy, safe and happy childhood, which provides children a better chance to become successful and productive adults. The event will include pizza, games and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, donated by Ben & Jerry’s Hoboken.

“The Andy Foundation’s generous donation and inspiring mission has provided children in Hoboken with an opportunity to have fun, learn what it means to be part of a community that cares about them, and grow through the positive relationships they build at TRUE Mentors. We are so thankful to be working with them” continued Ms. Tully.

Nice to see good groups in Hoboken thrive! Happy 1st Anniversary, TRUE Mentors!

About TRUE Mentors

TRUE Mentors is a one-to-one mentoring program matching youth with mentors to create positive role-model relationships. TRUE Mentors has begun the process matching adult mentors with mentees ages 7-17 based on shared personal interests. These mentor/mentee pairs connect either through their own schedule of activities or by participating in classes and events provided by TRUE Mentors.

TRUE Mentors is looking to add more mentors and class teachers to its roster of volunteers. Be sure to check out our website and/or facebook page for all events and classes and

About The Andy Foundation

The Andy Foundation is a registered charitable organization for children established in 2004. Our mission is to raise funds that will help promote, protect, and sustain the physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral health of our children. Our children are our hope and our future. The Andy Foundation is pledging 100% of its profits to give all children regardless of race, religion, or social and economic status a chance for a healthy, safe, and happy childhood, which will give them a better chance to become successful and productive adults.

Andrew Palmeri, for whom the foundation is named had a very generous nature and brought a smile to all those he encountered. This foundation pledges to continue with the spirit of generosity through its fund raising efforts and subsequent donations. All funds raised will benefit all children in need, hoping to continue bringing smiles to their faces. The Andy Foundation is dedicated to achieving lasting improvements in the lives of children, less fortunate than others. More information can be found at

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