The Body Transformation Experiment

Great hands-on low carb & fitness resource in Hoboken

Even though “information is power,” there are countless people out there that need the extra push, the eye-to-eye motivation, and constant hand holding in order to “flip the switch” in their brain.

The Body Transformation Experiment Hoboken NJ

And if all this low carb living information has your interest piqued, but you’re ignoring the facts and still getting chubbier with those “low fat” snacks (even if you work out 3-4x a week), then you need to take the next step to invest in yourself.

The Body Transformation Experiment will help you

Introducing The Body Transformation Experiment.

Run by two well-know low-carb advocates in Hoboken – Mike and Kristie Andreula ( have a whole program ready to go for you. What you’ll get is a no-nonsense, no coddling diet and training resource that will tell you that pretty much everything you’ve been doing is wrong – and how to get on right track FAST.

I’ve personally seen many members succeed beyond their wildest imagination. People losing 60+ pounds, getting off their meds, avoiding surgeries and much more. I’m telling you – if you switch to the dedicated low-carb life, you will also reap benefits. Continuing what the mass-media tells you is “healthy living” at your own risk.

See video below – and check out for more info on how to sign up.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 1:44 am

$3000? No, seriously: Three THOUSAND dollars? Get outta here.

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