City wants to re-district just the 4th Ward

Electoral redistricting happens every 10 years

As you might know – after each census every 10 years, states in the country go through a “redistricting” process, to re-draw electoral district boundaries. In most U.S. States, that role is solely handled by the governing body. But in a handful of States (including New Jersey), an “independent” board is chosen to do the redistricting (they say it takes the politics out of it). Redistricting is set to happen in New Jersey soon.

Hoboken Gerrymandering NJ - City wants to re-district just the 4th Ward

Hoboken sues County just to rush 4th Ward Redistricting

However, that doesn’t seem to be good enough for Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Councilman at large Dave Mello and others – who’ve chosen to waste everyone’s time & money to specifically SUE Hudson County just so they can redistrict Ward 4-2. More litigation, our administration’s model of efficiency!

Zimmer & Mello’s big urgent reason for this lawsuit is “the big lines” that occur on election day. Yeah, you heard me right.

Hmmm. Let’s see – redistricting is going to happen anyway (via existing law), but let’s file suit regardless! Muck up the system. Get attention. More paperwork. Yeah!

Here’s a better idea: Instead of clogging up the judicial system and wasting property taxpayer dollars with yet another lawsuit – don’t you think that perhaps promoting the very-legal and super-easy VOTE BY MAIL option will do just fine until the eventual citywide and countywide redistricting takes place? What makes you so special? Really! Wait your turn like everyone else!

Another useless move by our inept government…

Re-districting and Gerrymandering

Donald Scarinci, partner in NJ Law Firm Scarinci Hollenbeck describes in the video below – that even with these independent boards in New Jersey, Gerrymandering still takes place, and it’s ALL POLITICAL:

“In most states, the state legislature reconfigures its own map and the congressional map every ten years when the census numbers are finalized. Fifteen states have created redistricting commissions claiming that these commissions would be less political.

The fact is that even in the states that create district maps by special commissions with tie breaking voters are political. They don’t start out that way. Everyone makes great speeches about “fairness” and “equity” but in the end, in every state that redistricts by commission, it is a political decision based on party politics. Diane Carman writing for the Denver Post ten years ago said, “Getting the partisanship out of politics is like trying to take the sex out of porn.”

Since the beginning of our nation, there was always gamesmanship. The most famous story comes to us from Massachusetts in 1812. Governor Eldbridge Gerry, a patriot who was outspoken in his support for Samuel Adams before the American Revolution, takes the rap for the redistricting practice known as “Gerrymandering.” Gerry was the leader of the Democratic – Republican Party in Massachusetts. To prevent the Federalists from winning control of Massachusetts, Gerry supported a map that captured 29 legislative seats for his Democratic Republican party and only 11 seats for the Federalist Party even though the Democratic Republican party only had 50,164 votes while the Federalists had 51,766 votes in Massachusetts. The Gerrymandering of Massachusetts gave a more than 2 to one majority to a political party that represented less than half of the voting population.

Even as the work of the state legislatures and commissions conclude their deliberations and recommend new voting maps over the next several months, redistricting will remain in the news for years. There will be new issues that the courts will be called upon to decide and the political gamesmanship between the political parties will inevitably work its way to the judicial branch of government as their referee.”

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They think adding voting machines at skyclub will bolster their chances next election. This is the only reason. Plain and simple.


Was it stated somewhere that this redistricting of the 4th ward will remain in the 4th ward or will it reduce this ward and expand another? I haven’t seen any mention of how it’s going to be done. Or if it has been mentioned, then I missed it.[quote comment=”213569″]They think adding voting machines at skyclub will bolster their chances next election. This is the only reason. Plain and simple.[/quote]


Doubt very much if zimmer is concerned with waiting lines. It’s looking like a clever attempt to break up the powerful votes in the 4th ward held by Occhipinti. With this new redistricting, which council person will benefit by campaigning the additional votes or new voters coming in their ward?


Zimmer is so afraid of anyone that doesn’t walk lock step with her crazies, it’s quite sad. Don’t we have potholes to worry about? Collapsing piers? Burglaries?

2013 cannot come fast enough.


As someone who has voted in District 4 for the past seven years (at different times: morning, afternoon and early evening), I can tell you I’ve never waiting more than 11 seconds to vote.