Low Carb Tip: Keep the streak!

[In the low-carb tips & advice section here on Hoboken411, we will share some little nuggets from time to time that you might find beneficial. From simple “Ah Ha!” moments, to more informative and comprehensive posts.]

Keeping blood sugar under control a big key to low carb living

One important aspect that allowed me to finally achieve results from a low carb lifestyle – was understanding the importance of consistency.

As I understand it – by restricting consumption of carbohydrates (sugar, bread, starches) for a period of time, your blood sugar will reach the point where your body enters the state of ketosis. And while in ketosis, it burns stored body fat for fuel – allowing you to shed the unwanted pounds. Yes, this is a simplified version of what really happens, but that sums it up good enough for my purposes now.

What I found crucial, was knowing that even a “simple cheat,” (i.e., a scoop of ice cream, glass of OJ, slice of pizza) – will throw you out of ketosis and disrupt your fat burning process.

So being good for breakfast and lunch, only to get lazy and bust out the Ben & Jerry’s while you watch American Idol pretty much defeated the rest of the day’s good work.

You want a low-carb “batting streak” to get results!

The goal I wanted to reach was *several days* of consecutive low-carb meals – allowing my body to stay in ketosis so the weight loss happens more efficiently (I was losing 5lbs a week!)

How I conceptualized this in my head (and made it “click”) – was just like a nice batting streak in baseball: No bad carb cheats all day equals a hit, and the minute you screwed up and cheated bad = 0 for 4, streak over, start again.

And what you need to know (especially in the beginning), is that your body isn’t quite used to the whole ketosis state of being, and it can often take a couple days to start the fat burning machine again. Later on in your quest, however, you can often get back into ketosis much faster – along with the help of some supplements (like Alpha Lipoic Acid – more on that later…)

So in conclusion – don’t “treat” yourself for following the plan for just one or two meals thinking you “earned credits” for being good. You have to be good for many days consecutively (often a week or two) to see real results. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

Later, we’ll talk about how “cheating” once every week or two is recommended by some.

Enjoy your lunch everyone!

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