Low Carb Book: Life Without Bread

Life Without Bread: For both overweight and underweight people

One astonishing aspect about Low Carb Living I learned recently is that it benefits not only those who are obese, or want to shed those last 10lbs, but also those that are painfully THIN.

Life Without Bread Book Review Hoboken NJ - Low Carb Book: Life Without Bread

That’s what I discovered after reading Life Without Bread (How a low-carbohydrate diet can save your life), from authors Christian Allan, PHD, and Wolfgang Lutz, MD.

This book is comprehensive and quite amazing, actually – I find myself referencing it for quick tidbits of information often.

It covers how a low-carb diet can prevent, and even cure various diseases (heart, G/I, diabetes, even cancer!), the history of low-carb diets, and many scientific explanations as to what happens in your body when you ingest too many carbohydrates. And did you know that meats actually contain more vitamins than the fruits and veggies everyone is clamoring about?

It’s a very quick and easy read without being repetitive.

One of my favorite references is about the two doctors who subjected themselves to a one-year, all meat diet in the 1920’s, and while the scientific community stood by expecting them to fall ill, get scurvy and what not – these men lost weight, gained energy and felt better than ever.

Another is how one man, who was lanky and over THIN, quite disgusting actually (sunken cheeks, bad teeth & skin). Switching to the low-carb way of eating “filled” the man out to a normal, robust level. So low carb actually works both ways!

A recommended book for your low-carb reference shelf!

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