Where to put dog droppings?

As a new dog owner, I take him to the dog park most often. It’s Oscar’s preferred place to make his daily deposits. I clean it up, and place the matter in the pails provided next to the park.

However, when you’re walking your four-legged friends around Hoboken, where do you put the refuse after you’ve (hopefully) cleaned it up? As many of you already know, there are NOT city garbage containers on each street corner throughout Hoboken. If there were, I would most certainly put the bags in them. But I see no problem putting them in someone’s private bin as long as you have the type of bag that can be TIED UP to prevent that crap-tastic smell.

A reader below complains about how people just use any garbage can for the brown sludge.

What are your opinions? Would you mind if people just placed their bags in your cans? I mean garbage already stinks as it is.. how bad can it be?

“To all dog owners who pick up their dog poo, I appreciate this, only you put the poo in everyone’s garbage pails but yours. I just went to throw out my garbage when I took the lid off the can the smell of poo would knock you out. I have stopped some from using my cans but I canot be there every minute. In the future please take it home to your cans and see if your landlord appreciates it.. A 5th Street owner.”


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As long as the poop is going in a garbage can instead of being left on the sidewalk, who cares whose garbage can it is in?

I rather a stinky garbage can then a stinky shoe.


Oh no, if its your OWN baby’s poop, its precious!!!


that;s disgusting, animal_lover. Baby poop is so gross.

Anway–to all of you complaining about people throwing bags in your garbage bins, the thing to do is ask city hall to (as I understand it) re-install public trashcans on street corners. There really aren’t any in town at all except Washington. I clean up after my dog and tie the bag so it doesn’t smell, but I’m not carrying a bag for blocks and blocks when there are trash cans to throw it in. If you sincerely have a problem with it, then move the bins away from foot traffic. As long as they are there, you’ll get a whole assortment of garbage, from dog owners and non-dog owners. Such a group of complainers.


Try this — a huge bag of crapped in disposable diapers (from twins) compressed in a Diaper Genie thrown in the can at 8AM in the morning and baking in the sun all day. I love kids BUT…


It’s not the dogs you have to potty train, it’s the people. Rub their faces in it.

If I was ever Mayor of Hoboken, I’d create the Department of Curb Enforcement.

Under D.C.E, there will be DCE officers who specifically watch for ‘poopertrators’. If a DCE officer witnesses a poop & run event, he or she shall call upon a helicopter, which hovers 24/7, to order call code DTF (drop the facility) – a plexiglass cylinder which confines poopertrators inside, along with the evidence. A countdown will begin in which the criminal will be given 15 seconds to comply with curbing ordinances. If the time has passed and the criminal still refuses to comply, a vortex will be initiated to swirl criminal ‘evidence’ around the cylinder, removing all from the ground. Poopertrator is then free to go on their way, as they’ve chosen option 2.