MLK – A day on, not a day off

MLK Day in Hoboken, NJ

Today, as most of you know – is Martin Luther King Day, and many of you got to enjoy this long three-day weekend.

Several private schools and organizations (like Stevens and All Saints) – instead of taking this day off, are volunteering at local shelters and churches – to help those less fortunate.

But as expected – public schools in Hoboken, as well as City Hall are closed today, while officials are probably skiing or loafing around at home. This may be why Mayor Dawn Zimmer chose to hold Hoboken’s MLK “festivities” this past Friday. Can’t expect too much from our administration these days, so it’s par for the course, I suppose.

Sing out for Justice: MLK “A Day On / Not A Day Off” Concert

The Hoboken Charter School is holding a concert tonight at All Saints Parish (707 Washington) from 5pm to 7pm.

Organized by SK Duff and Rob Harari – lots of art & music featuring John Keim, Gene Turonis, Aiko Maudlin, James Gregory, Delia Kemph, Sean Gavarny, Sean Maurizi, Ian Smit, Don DePascale, Mike Kilmer, Hoboken Horns, students from Hoboken Charter School, High Tech High School, The Mustard Seed School, PLUS The Hoboken Synagogue and other local artists, schools, and civic groups…

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Would be nice if folks gave of themselves without all the hype (strings).