There are downsides to low carb living

Top 5 Caveats to living a low carb life

Just like they say “every dark cloud has a silver lining,” even with good things like low carb living – there are some potentially troubling issues you absolutely need to be aware of!

In no particular order:

Bacon Talk Caveat - There are downsides to low carb living

  1. Snacking Muscle Memory Withdrawal My body was so used to snacking on a frequent basis. And now that I have 98% less cravings to eat constantly, I find my arm sometimes just trying to put anything in my mouth (even if there is no food around!) In fact, I once ate a paperclip by mistake because my hand had a mind of it’s own! Be careful!
  2. Baggy Clothes / Sudden Wallet Shrinking Syndrome Well, now that most of my wardrobe is unwearable (at least without a coat on), the need to purchase clothing that fits is kind of a necessity. I’ve taken it easy, because – like the opposite of a growing baby – I seem to last only a month or two in any new piece I purchase. Be aware of that, and do laundry more frequently (hot wash, hot dry).
  3. Delicious Food Consumption Envy This problem is not yours – but those who watch you enjoy tasty eggs, mayonnaise, cheeses, bacon, juicy steaks and more. Be cautious when it comes to who you dine out with. You may have to wear rain gear to shield yourself from the drooling your dinner table counterparts will undoubtedly engage in as they watch you enjoy your food slowly while they struggle through yet another dissatisfying dry, tasteless blood-sugar increasing dish.
  4. Diet Competitors / Knowledge-Knockers / Genetic Geniuses This is one of the least pleasant aspects of a low carb life to deal with. Those that are either blessed with better genes, or more indoctrinated by other beliefs, or quite simply – those that have a crapload more time to workout at the gym seven days a week. They will bash your proven method and say (insert reason here) is better than yours. My advice? Agree with them and change the subject – to something like “OK, nice talking to you, gotta go!”
  5. Menu Madness Honestly, this could either be the least or worst of this Top 5 Low Carb Caveat list. Because if you find a good and open-minded restaurant, you will have zero problems. But there are some establishments in Hoboken that will not waver on their menus – and not allow substitutions, or at the very least charge you an exorbitant amount to recreate the dish within your standards. I mean how many restaurants offer a bacon cheeseburger in a shell of iceberg lettuce? They become dumbfounded if you even suggest it. So you might want to pick your favorite establishment and bring the owner to the side and have an honest conversation about your wishes.

What are your biggest problems with low-carb living?

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The problem with #4, is that if you go around telling people that what they’ve been eating for their whole life is the product of the devil… you’re going to meet some resistance. If you want to spread the “gospel” of low-carbs, you might want to find a better method instead of Fox News fear mongering. Different diets work for different people. My mom lost 60 lbs in 2 years by eating smaller portions of the same foods she ate her whole life (include wheat and grains). Start by encouraging people to lay off snacks, drink more water, get off the couch, and eat smaller portions. And then you can start explaining why carbs are bad… in a logical, sensible way, backed by facts and information. Not just by shouting from the mountain top. I think your heart is in the right place, but your delivery is way off.


Definitely agree with #4 and we have seen it happening in previous low carb posts. Snacking has never been a big issue for me, but I did have to adjust portion sizes and actually stopping eating when I am full sine i was so used to always being hungry Before low carb I would go to a restaurant and just eat everything. Now I need to be conscious that I don’t need to eat the entire fajita fundida and I can actually take half home since I am definitely full!


The only thing I find difficult is the fact that almost everyone I know thinks this diet is insane, including every doctor I’ve seen over the past ten years.


Agree that eating out your choices are very limited without substitution. Potatoes on the side of every dish or sandwich. I’ll cheat with onion rings from time to time, but some restaurants have overly breaded rings, with almost no real onion in them.