Burglaries in Hoboken

More Hoboken homes getting burglarized in 2012

January saw a huge increase in burglaries around town – and to add to the observation that crime is on the rise in Hoboken, resident Courtney wants to share what happened to her this past weekend:

“I just wanted to send a quick letter to you about the recent rash of burglaries in Hoboken. I’ve lived in Hoboken for 10 years and I follow the stories on Hoboken411 all the time. I thought I’d share my story with you.

I left Hoboken this past Sunday afternoon to visit my family and watch the super bowl, took off on Monday and returned to Hoboken on Tuesday morning at 730am to find my apartment broken into.

I live on 2nd Street between Hudson and Washington which is a very busy street and one that I’ve always felt safe living on since the Hoboken Police are a half a block away from my apartment. Needless to say, my laptop was taken and all of my jewelry, nothing else was taken so I guess they were in a hurry. I called the Hoboken PD and the officer said that there were three burglaries this weekend that he personally responded too, same sort of situation.

Please remind your readers to always lock their door and if there’s a main door to the building to always pull it closed to be sure it’s locked. I know that a few times I’ve come home and found the main door unlocked because it wasn’t pulled tight. Also let them know, if they hear anything weird or odd at all, please call the cops or their landlord at the very least. My door was broken in and there were wood pieces all over so it had to make noise.

I don’t have renters insurance so I’m basically out of luck but I don’t want this happening to anyone else. I hope that this kind of thing can get under control. I remember years ago that I always saw cops walking around and now I never see any, I hope the mayor starts to realize what’s happening in her town.”

Hoboken burglaries getting more brazen?


Hoboken411 has observed that local apartment burglaries (breaking and entering) seems to be on the uptick (just this week a guy in a black hoodie entered the apartment of a woman living at 8th & Madison – while she was home). With the shaky economy plus local government budget trickery and a lesser police presence in town – Hoboken411 reader Deirdre offers some words of wisdom.

Common sense tips for burglaries in Hoboken

“I am a faithful reader of your website and greatly appreciate all the news and updates you provide to Hoboken residents.

I did want to share with you something I learned this weekend – and I think it’s worthy of a mention on your website. On Friday evening, I returned home to find my apartment was broken into. Fortunately – things like money and jewelry were the only things taken – and TVs and other equipment were left behind. It seems that our burglar wanted quick cash – money, gold, etc.

However after speaking with the police officer that responded to the call – I learned there has been several reported instances of robberies in Hoboken. While our specific instance didn’t fit the same pattern as the other reported instances – I think it is important to remind residents to be on the look out!

  • Lock your doors (with a dead bolt) EVERY time
  • When leaving your building, make sure you close the main door to the building so it locks (if that is your setup)
  • Watch out for your neighbors and report suspicious behavior.
  • GET RENTERS INSURANCE – our big mistake

I’m sure you or the Hoboken Police Dept could provide better suggestions than these, this is just my initial thoughts.

Our break in was uptown (Washington St between 11th & 12th) — but apparently these other burglaries have been happening downtown. Our police office said that he alone has responded to about 8 calls recently! That’s only one cop!

Hoboken is an awesome city and I have always felt safe. I think everyone needs reminding that government crimes aren’t the only ones happening in Hoboken!

Keep up the great work, I love your site!!


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When I was a little girl in the 1970’s my parents had timers on the lights in our house….very simple devices that turned the living room lights on and off every few hours so that people would think we were home. Another good idea is alarm stickers, and a “beware of the dog” sign, whether or not you have a dog or an alarm system. I’m a homeowner, but rented for years and always had GEICO, and they were great (even though in NYC I never was robbed).

Renters insurance is a must for renters. In cases of theft or if a fire breaks out, your landlord’s insurance only covers fixing your unit itself – not any of your possessions within the unit! It’s less than $200 a year, so there’s no excuse not to have it. My apartment was burglarized years ago when I rented. It wasn’t even forced entry. Building maintenance personnel were repairing something while I was away and left the door unlocked after they left – so the burglar simply walked in! I wouldn’t be surprised if the maintenance people were in on it. You definitely feel violated because you know some stranger was going through your stuff. The police are not a deterrent to home theft, so don’t blame it on lack of cops. This latest victim lives around the corner from the police station, and it didn’t matter. Residents have to take steps to protect themselves: 1. Do not allow strangers into your home unless you are there – including maintenance workers, contractors, dog-walkers etc. 2. Replace the crappy locks most builders/landlords put on doors with quality locks that are drill, pick, and bump resistant. 3. Replace the crappy door strike on most doors with a security box strike secured with 3″ screws into the studs. This is always the weakest link in any lock. It will make it extremely difficult to kick a door in. 4. Ask landlords/property managers to replace wooden entry doors with metal ones. Metal is now required… Read more »

I’m always surprised at the number of “open invitations” to be robbed, etc. People leave the cardboard boxes of their new expensive electronic equipment right in front of their homes. Some folks leave the kids alone in the car – at times WITH the engine running. Many do the zombie walk even down unlit streets. We can report suspicious behavior but it is the potential victim that also has to be a bit more cautious.


its a shame you didnt have renters insurance. for other folks who are considering it: you can get it for about $12. TWELVE DOLLARS. I had JUST purchased it through Geico when my apt. was robbed…..a total cost of $12 covered me for $2800 worth of items stolen.

Seriously. Get it. Now.


Completely agree. There’s no excuse not to have renters insurance. State Farm and Allstate have very good rates as well- plus they have offices in town where you can talk to somebody who will walk you through the process. It takes less than 30 minutes to do in person or online. $12 a month is the cost of one drink at a bar!!![quote comment=”213386″]its a shame you didnt have renters insurance. for other folks who are considering it: you can get it for about $12. TWELVE DOLLARS. I had JUST purchased it through Geico when my apt. was robbed…..a total cost of $12 covered me for $2800 worth of items stolen.Seriously. Get it. Now.[/quote]