Sugar Propaganda!

Marketing, propaganda – any difference?

As you get older (at least in my opinion), you tend to believe a LOT less of what you read, see and hear around you. You begin putting a lot more worth into your own two eyes and personal experiences.

Like my belief that a low-carb and low sugar lifestyle is the best possible choice to make whether you’re fat, skinny, sick or well. The fact that I’ve effortlessly dropped tons of weight, improved my cholesterol (which was good to begin with) feel a million times better, less hungry and more clear minded is slam-dunk evidence enough for me. Add on to that fact that I have many people in my circle who have achieved the exact same sustainable results – and your beliefs become stronger and more valid. “Proof is in the pudding,” is the saying I’m thinking of (minus the pudding of course).

OK, enough of the armchair sermon here – below is a very interesting ad a Hoboken411 reader sent in. We think it’s from some woman’s magazine from the early 1970’s. Apparently the artificial sugar industry was making a dent in the sugar kings of the world, and they had to let loose a marketing campaign to brainwash and indoctrinate the ignorant female populous into believing sugar was actually a necessity! It’s always a battle for your money!

I’m sure you all know the same thing is happening all around us already – albeit in more subtle ways (i.e., product placements, celebrity endorsements, phony research reports, etc.) Fascinating indeed!

Have you ever wondered now that more of us are “waking up,” that it’s no coincidence that the powers that be are slowly taking away your liberties? Even with the potential ability to freely surf the web and inform yourself? Things that make you go hmmmm.

Sugar gives you energy, then you crash and get fat

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