Reader Mail: Stevens Graffiti

Not sure if these were typical urban “taggers” coming to deface Stevens, or just rebellious students, but here is what one reader writes about what he witnessed this past weekend. Other than Stevens students, I doubt any one of you will notice it.

“Some people were creating graffiti at Stevens today. This is on the library/gym (they are connected) in a very secluded area that few people go to. I noticed it the other day, and then coincidentally, yesterday (Saturday), I was sitting on a bench and noticed four young boys walk by. Some of them were wearing hats, if not all of them. A few had back packs. They walked through a forested part of Stevens and then I witnessed them making graffiti. They went away when I saw them, so I ran to get the police, but the boys were probably long gone by the time the cruiser got there, unfortunately. If I didn’t scare them off accidentally, they may have been caught. Anyway, there is a walkway that is along the steep hill by castle point that is difficult to navigate because of all the branches in your way that they used to escape. This happened around 8 o’clock, just before it became dark. I went through there after they had left to see the graffiti. It was unfinished, so there was no tag. Just some black lines on the wall. There was also silver spray paint on some rocks of different words and directions.”

He even went as far as to make a Google Map, outlining the “path of destruction”.

I have to say, this is a prime example micro-blogging. I wonder what will be next? “Cocktail Napkin Graffiti”?

graffiti - Reader Mail: Stevens Graffiti

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