Taste Explosion: Sri Thai

Sri Thai: Can food in Hoboken be TOO delicious?

Without a doubt, Sri Thai (234 Bloomfield St.) in Hoboken is my all-time favorite place to eat.

The top three dishes are: Yum Nua Salad (BBQ Beef, cilantro, veggies, with spicy lemon), Yum Ped Salad (Crispy shredded duck, chili, cashews) and Kai Sam Rot (Fried chicken with spicy tamarind sauce).

Minus the rice, these dishes still aren’t no-carb, but are low enough in carbohydrates to enjoy as part of your low carb living regimen.

Sri Thai Hoboken NJ low carb addiction - Taste Explosion: Sri Thai

What does Sri Thai put in the food that turns you into an animal?

However, I became a bit concerned last week when I ordered this trio of dishes.

I made a medium plate, which had enough protein and fat that I believed it should have left me satisfied (other dishes I eat with similar amounts or less of food do just fine). But enjoying the phenomenal, fresh, spicy and tangy thai food made me more ravenous – and I ate a lot more than usual. Was completely unlike me – as if I had become obsessed, and had no reason to stop.

Is it possible that Sri Thai sprinkles tons of MSG in their food? Or is it something perhaps a bit more innocuous, say like the addictive effects of spicy food?

Calling Sri Thai to see if they add MSG to their food probably won’t net any real answers – Does anyone know if they have an accurate way to check? Googling it doesn’t lead you very far – and any links you might find are now broken.

I’d be very unhappy if they use MSG, and would likely have to find a replacement thai place to get my favorite dishes.

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I also really like Sri Thai, one of the better restaurants in Hoboken. I think your speculation is kind of unfair. Maybe they simply make delicious food, better than the endless string of hamburger and pizza joints that you favorably review on this sight. If you suspect Sri Thai of using MSG, have it tested and report the findings, or interview the owner. btw, there is another good Thai restaurant up near the Path, 1st & Hudson but I can’t remember the name.


Wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Any time you get that out of body eating experience suggests something has been done to your food. And if you cannot get a straight answer or prove it otherwise, then eliminate the doubt and stop ordering from there.